Slavers revenging their losses

The slave trade was not my fault

Should you apologise for the crimes of your ancestors? And should the state make financial reparations to atone for such crimes?

These two questions have arisen after Jamaica’s National Reparations Commission called upon the British prime minister, David Cameron, to ‘apologise personally’ because ‘his forefathers were slave owners’. Jamaica’s president, Portia Simpson Miller, has also raised the issue of Britain paying financial reparations to Jamaica, as recompense for Britain’s role in the slave trade.

The two answers here are – obviously – no, and no. First of all, you can’t apologise for something you didn’t do. It’s an effortless and insincere gesture, serving only to make any ersatz penitent appear virtuous – saying sorry for a bad thing you have actually done takes real courage.

  • Ron MacDonald

    During that period many poor Whites were no better off than slaves.

    • Gary

      They don’t ask who picked the cotton before Blacks were brought in.
      Funny how Blacks have no problem when whites are oppressed and used for cheap labour or Work Houses , it’s the exploitation of people no matter the colour .

      • JJ Joseph

        There’s no cotton grown in Jamaica, and there were no pickers of any kind in Jamaica before the slaves arrived.

    • Alain

      True and furthermore there actually were white slaves during that time.

  • They need to ask Muslims to to pay for the slave trade.

    Then the Muslims can have “brown guilt.”

  • Alain

    As I said before Britain needs to say that before any discussion will be considered the Arab and black slave traders need to pay reparations. Cameron is stuck on idiot.

    • Observer

      But I am sure that Turkey will be willing to pay reparations for the massive Ottoman slave trade!

  • Martin B

    It has nothing to do with justice or history, just greed and guilt tripping. Mo himself was busy trading black slaves a thousand years before British colonialists ever got around it, but no one will ever ask wealthy Muzz to apologize & pay reparations. White folk are perceived as gullible suckers who can be conned & manipulated into giving away their money.

  • Dana Garcia

    Thomas Sowell has written about the long history of slavery. Text and audio at link.

    Black Rednecks and White Liberals: The Real History of Slavery

    Slavery was an evil of greater scope and magnitude than most people imagine and, as a result, its place in history is radically different from the way it is usually portrayed. Mention slavery and immediately the image that arises is that of Africans and their descendants enslaved by Europeans and their descendants in the Southern United States—or, at most, Africans enslaved by Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. No other historic horror is so narrowly construed. No one thinks of war, famine, or decimating epidemics in such localized terms. These are afflictions that have been suffered by the entire human race, all over the planet—and so was slavery. Had slavery been limited to one race in one country during three centuries, its tragedies would not have been one-tenth the magnitude that they were in fact.

    Why this provincial view of a worldwide evil? Often it is those who are most critical of a “Eurocentric” view of the world who are most Eurocentric when it comes to the evils and failings of the human race. Why would anyone wish to arbitrarily understate an evil that plagued mankind for thousands of years, unless it was not this evil itself that was the real concern, but rather the present-day uses of that historic evil? Clearly, the ability to score ideological points against American society or Western civilization, or to induce guilt and thereby extract benefits from the white population today, are greatly enhanced by making enslavement appear to be a peculiarly American, or a peculiarly white, crime. . . .

  • ed

    what about the indigenous ” tainos ” and “Arawak” people of jamaca are the blacks going to say sorry to them?

  • mauser 98

    Arabs still run slave trade in Africa ,, they get a pass

  • mauser 98

    “The Muslims were perhaps the world’s biggest enslavers, an estimated 19
    million people becoming the victims of Islamic slavery. Their slave
    trade ran for far longer than that of the Europeans. Muslims enslaved
    both Black African and White European alike.”

  • Waffle

    How ironic that the Jamaican prez should be named Portia. That was the name of Shakespeare’s judge in the Merchant of Venice who admonished Shylock for wanting to collect his “pound of flesh” from the recalcitrant Antonio:
    “The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven . . .”

  • Ed

    If they were paid every penny they demanded, and apologized to profusely, does anyone think that would be the end of it????

    • Blacksmith

      American taxpayers have been paying since LBJ, it hasn’t helped nor do I expect it to.

  • Justin St.Denis

    It must be embarrassing to educated, accomplished black Americans and Canadians when alleged black leaders – whether here or in other countries – employ baldfacedly duplicitous schemes to get more free stuff from Caucasians. I have black friends who call that kind of shit “nigger moves”.

    • JJ Joseph

      This particular “nigger move” is fronted by Hollywood actor and “civil rights activist” Danny Glover who is paid by the US State Dept to stir up some fresh instability in Jamaica from time to time. State likes to shake up potentially rebellious communities around the world – it’s good for business.

  • Oracle9

    Never mentioned is that it was the Brits who brought an end to the buying and selling of slaves by Western ship captains. Also it was other black tribes and especially the Arabs and other black tribes who were the masters of collecting them for sale. To this day, slavery exists among some Arab countries and the translation of the Arabic for ‘black’ is ‘slave’.

  • Frances

    Any black person who tries that guilt trip on me would get a short answer: my ancestors come from the group that freed the slaves; theirs came from Africans who were complicit in the slave trade.

  • WalterBannon

    How about I apologize for nuking Jamaica. I will start writing my apology as soon as my surplus soviet nuke arrives in the mail…

  • Clausewitz

    How come Brazil is never condemned for their slave trade? The number one nation for the sheer numbers of slaves captured and used was, and will always be Brazil.