RCMP Investigates Leaks From Politicized, Ideologically Toxic Bureaucrats At Citizenship & Immigration #elxn42

The RCMP have been called in to investigate leaks of “sensitive” information from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, CBC News has learned.

This week, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander confirmed a report published in the Globe and Mail that the Prime Minister’s Office directed officials to stop processing a preliminary group of Syrian refugees, pending an audit of their cases.

The story was based on leaked documents, as were earlier CBC reports about problems with Canadian passports. that have made waves in the federal election campaign


What we have witnessed this week is the attempt by the parasitic public service union class to influence the election.

The Public Service Unions and the CBC know that the Liberal and NDP parties will allow them to rape the tax payer.

That is why they have declared war on Canadians and the Conservative party.

They should be jailed.