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  • Martin B

    If I was doing hard time, and the warden came and told me that from now on there would be no more bacon on the menu, I would riot. I wonder how American prisoners will respond now that, thanks to whining Mohammedans, all pork products have been taken off the menu in all federal prisons:


    And you thought cruel & unusual punishments were prohibited by the Eighth Amendment.

    • tom_billesley

      If you started a religion that required a daily act of worship that included eating a bacon sandwich, you’d get a lot of converts in prison. You’d have to get it recognized as a religion of course, but they set the bar low.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    There’s a conviction in that story from a couple of years ago in Philadelphia in which a woman donned a niqab in order to abduct from school the daughter of an actual niqab-wearer.

    With all of the talk about burqas in Canada, it was great of the Toronto Sun to report on this story a couple of days ago.

  • Xavier

    Look what’s over at AoSHQ!

    Whenever I’ve written about these issues, I get a lot of e-mails from guys scoffing, “Oh, right, Steyn. Like you’d be taking a bullet. You’d be pissing your little girlie panties,” etc. Well, maybe I would. But as
    the Toronto blogger Kathy Shaidle put it:

    ‘When we say ‘we don’t know what we’d do under the same circumstances’, we make cowardice the default position.’

    I prefer the word passivity – a terrible, corrosive passivity. Even if
    I’m wetting my panties, it’s better to have the social norm of the
    Titanic and fail to live up to it than to have the social norm of the
    Polytechnique and sink with it. — Mark Steyn

  • Xavier
  • Xavier

    The liberal media strikes again: “Ben Carson said the Holocaust might have been prevented if Jewish people had guns”


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    • Alex

      The genius writing that little attack piece doesn’t provide any reason to explain why arming oneself against an aggressor might serve to dissuade said aggressor from acting.

      But heck, who needs reason? As progressives and leftists frequently demonstrate, rationality and common sense are over-rated.

    • Maggat

      Ah come-on now a little gun control never hurt anyone, now did it?

  • tom_billesley

    Domestic help Kasturi Munirathinam, a 58-year-old Indian woman, had her right arm chopped off when she tried to escape from her Saudi “employer”.
    Obviously an employee severance package means something different in Riyadh.

  • ontario john

    Will islamophobia never end! I wake up to the news this morning that islamophobic India is demanding answers from peace loving devout Saudi Arabia on why an Indian maid had her hand chopped off while trying to escape slavery. Where is the Western media on this obvious case of persecuting the religion of peace. And of course that evil Harper is at it again, persecuting islam. The parliament security is contemplating whether muslim women should wear bags over their heads when visiting the parliament buildings. What could possibly go wrong? And to top it off, evil Harper provoked peace loving global warming protesters into attacking him at a meeting last night. Evil Harper had his secret police drag away innocent protesters after they rushed him. Harper is evil. We need more islam and socialism. Praise Trudeau!

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    • Justin St.Denis

      Stupid is CULTIVATED in Canada – especially in Ontario! The MSM provides their subscriber-LOFOs with their daily dose of fantasy, insinuation, invective and thinly-disguised communist ideology. So stupid are they that these LOFOs actually pay the MSM for their bs. Genuinely sad. Then again, these subscriber lists could come in very handy when the official “cull” is implemented…