Meet Mohammed, Mohammed and Mohammed – British Slave Masters

Up to 42 ‘slaves’ forced to sleep in two bedroom house in Rand Place, Bradford, court hears

“…Prosecutors said company owner Mohammed Rafiq and two other men who had positions within the firm – Mohammed Patel and Mohammed Dadhiwala – knew that workers supplied to them by Orsos were trafficked…

The prosecutor has told the jury: “The prosecution submit that the three defendants were involved with Janos Orsos and his human trafficking organisation to source them cheap slave labour to work at Kozee Sleep and Layzee Sleep factories.

“The prosecution case is that the three defendants were aware of the circumstances of the Hungarian nationals who were working at these sites and went along with their exploitation as a slave workforce for their own and others’ gain.”

h/t ZD

  • ontario john

    Are we not glad that Canada is much more friendly to the religion of peace? I mentioned a few minutes ago that breaking news at the CBC, on the swearing in of that patriotic muslim woman wearing a bag over her head. But more good news, they made the special effort of closing down the whole building for her. Although you could still see her eyes, the tramp. The CBC will be reporting on this story all day now. Praise Allah, Islam is winning in Canada. This will teach those disgusting Christians, as Trudeau put it today.

    • Disgusting.

    • Ron MacDonald

      Let’s hope Harper punishes the CBC with more budget cuts.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Worry not.
      If she had shut up and gone away it would be worse.
      Everyone who feels she has flipped us the finger will vote.
      This should be good for voter turnout.

  • Alain

    And Britain is supposed to apologise for the “slave trade” and of course pay (yes, that is the key here) reparations.

    • You know what they can do with their reparations demand.

    • Shebel

      Perhaps ,Britain has grander plans. They will become totally Islamic and only White people will be forced to work.

  • ontario john

    Good news for the religion of peace. Breaking news that the Toronto Star has endorsed Trudeau for prime minister. I’m shocked. As Trudeau puts it, that should teach those disgusting Christians.

  • Brenda

    So…it’s a crime with a MOhammed Coefficient of 100%?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    They all have the same name.
    I’m going to change mine to Spartacus.

  • tom_billesley

    Hungarians being trafficked to Britain to work for mahometan slave masters?
    Feel the love in Hungary for the mahometan invaders trying to transit their country.