Liberal – Left Demographic: Turns Out Portlandia Is A Documentary

Not a parody account.

  • She supports “diversity, justice, and truth”.

    The truth about Islam is, women are second to men.

    Can she support that truth?

    • And Queers are put to death.

      How does she reconcile that?

  • Blacksmith

    May Karma and pisslam catch up to her in any order.

  • mauser 98

    ..Snows bio.. go figure

    29 years old; Newfoundlander; cis female; queer; MI; poor; left wing;
    new Muslim; fangirl; general nerd. I support diversity, justice, and

    a ripe one for ISIS

    • Justin St.Denis

      She fulfills so many negative stereotypes about Newfoundlanders.

  • NoPasaran

    I hate to say it, but Canada, by it’s nature a safe and lunacy-indulging society, far from any real external risks – enables this kind of delusional BS.

    Case in point is this broad. All of the taken-on features of her personal are seen as symbolic moves that have no real meaning or consequence. It’s just a montage of things she wants other to “like” her for, so it doesn’t even need to be a CONGRUOUS collection of talismanic things.

    In short, this woman needs something real to happen in her life.

    • She may not appreciate the real that may be coming her way.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I can almost hear the snipping scissors slicing through her genitalia as I type………..