FBI: Dozens Of US Based Muslim Terror Suspects Using Encrypted Communications

WASHINGTON — FBI counterterrorism agents followed dozens of potential terrorists around the United States full time over the summer and disrupted activities pursued by many of them, FBI Director James Comey told a congressional committee Thursday.

Comey told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that investigators knew of many U.S.-based Islamic terror suspects who used encrypted communications.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “Dozens” is pretty vague, I can’t help but wonder how many dozens we’re talking here. And I suppose we divide by ten for the number north of the 49th, right?

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    In other words, the diversity trees are ripening at a rate that’s too fast for the FBI too handle.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They probably have a backdoor access to the encrypted data.

  • Blacksmith

    Why the hell are they even walking around? If you know who they are either deport them or lock them up.

    • Alain


  • Gary

    No shock here , it was Ibrahim Hooper from the Hamas linked CAIR that made it clear he knew that muslim terrorist cells and lone wolf pro-ISIS muslims were in the USA.
    This past February there was another failed muslim terrorist plot that was in Garland Texas this time. Two muslim males from a Peaceful Mosque had drove about 1000 miles to attempt to slaughter dozens of FREE-Speech supporter at the Draw Muhammad contest/display Hosted by Pam Geller while not 1 Quran inspired anti-USA jew-hating rally has had a non-muslim jihad attempt a mass slaughter of muslims.

    If you check any Media video with CAIR’s Mr.Hooper commenting to denounce the jihad you will hear him use the famous BUT for Free speech and then state clearly that Pam Geller PROVOKED this Jihad attack by muslims defending islam and muhammad.
    CAIR’s Sheema Khan ( Canada) , Nihad Awad and Mr.Hooper have known ever since 9/11 that the Muslim Brotherhood backed terrorist and Caliphate crusades ARE in North American to build the foundations for greater Jihad for islam and allah.
    Obama is now in on the taqiyyah as either stupid or complicit to continue CAIR’s charade to claim that muslim terrorism inspired by the quran and muhammad have NOTHING to do with islam.
    But CAIR’s Mr.Hooper slipped up on TV or finally told the truth which looks like the grand Jihad is getting closer because after 9/11 CAIR denied the 19 muslims were muslims, then about 2 years later when so many muslims said the 19 WERE muslims …. we heard CAIR then say they weren’t TRUE muslims and had misunderstood the peaceful quran and islam.

    CAIR actually incites hatred for Canada and the USA by their fabricated hate-crimes which is the ruse to recruit young muslims males to Jihad to defend islam and Muslims from the Crusader infidels . We saw this with the Toronto-18 muslims that were born in Canada and still wanting to slaughter us for allah because Chretien had out troops in Afghanistan kill muslims ( it ‘s a 99.4% muslim population (UN stats) which makes it tough to NOT kill a Muslim .

    The ‘Boy Blunder’ Justin doesn’t have a clue about the true islam becuase he’s surround by islamists and uses the CBC and STAR for his perception of islam as the rampant islamophobia where Canadian’s are opposing the importations of Saudi Whahhbism sharia that sanctions flogging women and the child-bride pedophilia the Pro-iran groups at Al-quds rallies also want in Canada.

    The FBI is run by the islamophilic Obama and they have allowed these rabid savages to move free and get into the USA to start with, this is just to placate the public that fear greater terrorism attacks more often ocne Obama lets in the 200,000 islamists from Syria.

  • Barrington Minge

    Mooslims are just animals.