Even Mulcair called niqab a form of “oppression,” but Media Party ignored it #elxn42

Any woman who says she loves wearing a face mask in public is lying.

  • pike bishop

    Those pictures tell the tale. These proud women deserve better than the Immigration, The Family services, The Police, The QC and the Public schools have to offer.
    The Correctional services are now dealing with this mass murderer.

    • Gary

      Right after we had the second Trial for the total of 5 BROWN muslim women honour killed for not wearing the Hijab/Niqab , the Toronto Police responded to this barbaric misogyny NOT by PSA’s from Blair to let Muslim women know they have Rights in Canada and can rely on the 9-1-1 call to protect them…..No sir , not in the World of Liberal White guilt and soft bigotry .
      The Police announce that the Hijab will now be included in the Police ununiform uniform for Diversity to get muslim women to join the Police so it reflects society. They would not say that the Niqab/Burqa would be banned.

      The muslim wife beaters now have the Police on their side if they want to impose sharia law in Canada and force the Daughters into Hijabs and Niqabs because if they are threatened with being killed they will see their 9-1-1 call for help end up sending 2 pro-sharia oppressed muslim female cops in HIjabs/Niqabs that side with Sharia Law in canada.

      They’re as good as dead and Justin does give a shi’ite because he wants the votes as he did for the BROWN female baby abortions in the South Asian community via the Gender-cides where males have more value.
      Justin is pro-sharia, pro-choice and pro gay rights and women’s rights.
      But he goes from a radical jew-hating homophobic misogynistic mosque in BC , where the women sit at the back, to a PRIDE event in Quebec and also his Lady’s night event where he praised China even though it has forced abortion with the mobile Abortion vehicle that scoured the Country side for the peasants trying to hide a pregnancy.

      What would Justin do if one of his daughters was lesbain while the other converted to islam as embrace the Whahhabi sharia .
      His utopic Liberal PC world of religious freedoms will coming crashing down as one daughter wants the other one dead while his wife should be in a Niqab and that Justin’s grand children will be islamists that see him as a Infidel top be killed or converted.

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • pike bishop

        Thanks Gary, I kinda knew this was the tip of the iceberg.
        This type of thing does not sit well with me.
        Are the apologists or moderate muslims going to reply?
        Here and now is you chance.

  • moraywatson

    ‘Any woman who says she loves wearing a face mask in public is lying’. Or is a projector of islamic totalitarian supremacism. (But I repeat myself.)

  • Mal

    ‘Any woman who says she loves wearing a face mask in public is lying’.

    And rejecting western civilization.
    Does anyone believe for a second that she would support the native cultural “rights” of a westerner stupid enough to live in whatever reeking islamic swamp she came here from?