CBC won’t broadcast debates, but runs professor’s “deranged” deportation fears as news story #elxn42

Did you see this bizarre “news story” the CBC just ran?

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    The CBC is rife with Harper Derangement Syndrome. At least, so I’m told, as I never inflict it on myself.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Hell, if that nutty professor was from Toronto, there would be a one-on-one interview with Mansbridge on tonight’s National.

  • What the CBC doesn’t seem to realize is that the misinformation it disseminates has real consequences, especially for molding the minds of young people. Sometimes those consequences can include incitement to violence.

    A family member of mine with dual citizenship has been deeply influenced precisely by the kind of propaganda disseminated by the CBC and the Professor in the report. He is afraid that he will be deported simply because he has dual citizenship, and his anger reaches the boiling point because his Progressive friends have convinced him that “Stephen Harper is going to take away your Canadian Citizenship”.

    I won’t go into detail about why, especially in his case, it is practically impossible for him to lose his Canadian Citizenship (tmi), but suffice it to say that young people take it to heart when authoritative sources such as the CBC propagate this sort of misinformation. The family member is a trusting soul, and was brought up in a culture where generally speaking one can trust people to tell the truth. Unfortunately, he wasn’t prepared for dirty Progressive politics in Canada.

    But my biggest concern is CBC has indoctrinated an entire generation of Muslim youth into believing that they are victims of massive racism and Islamophobia. Even if a young Muslim in this country goes through his entire life without experiencing any sort of prejudicial treatment, the CBC has already PRE-DISPOSED him/her into believing they are somehow a victim. I think as a result, CBC propaganda has had an important effect on psychologically preparing youth for recruitment overseas to fight for for ISIS and why so many Muslim youth have been attracted to do precisely that — they are responding to perceived “injustices” propagated by our Left media.

    • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

      Very well put, sir.

      And since no one in the Leftist media condemns the resulting terrorism, it becomes rationalized.

    • Gary

      The hamas linked CAIR had used Sheema Khan to go the CBC and incite hatred for Canada in the young male muslims ever since 9/11 which might explain the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists that were born here and they were tied to INSA CAIR and a Mississauga radical mosque.