“What kind of politically correct freak opposes a helpline for Muslim women?”: Media Party, leftists mock Barbaric Cultural Practices Act

“The Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act” is a new Canadian law banning immigrants who practice polygamy, forced child marriage and honor killings.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    This reminds me of that Italian “activist” that was gang raped by a bunch of “refugees” and was told not to report it as it “would hurt the cause”.

    • Exactly so.

    • Surele Surele

      A typical lefty tactic. Was employed from the time of the Revolution of 1917, and most likely even before. I remember my Mom ( a leftie since an early age in the pre WWII Poland, and it’s perfectly understandable considering the times and her tender age) assuring me that the end justified the means. Until she had her eyes open when she wised up.

  • The Butterfly

    The lefties are screaming that this is such a stupid silly distraction from the real issues in this election, but they are the ones have a total and complete meltdown over this niqab/helpline stuff and won’t let it go.

  • A handful of radical anti-abortionists once had the “religious-cultural” practice of shooting up abortion clinics. Progressives responded rapidly and ruthlessly, by punishing Pro-Life people everywhere and eliminating their legitimate — Charter-protected — peaceful free speech and freedom of movement rights.

    The double standard, in spades, is because Progressives are clearly aligned with Islamic terrorism. At first Progressives only flirted with Islamism — the attraction was along the lines of a “Che Guevara” political crush. Now they have passed the flirtation stage — Progressives and Islamists are clearly in bed together, and in the process of producing a baby.

    • Maggat

      That would be enough to make me pro abortion.

    • Maggat

      Seems like an abortion is required, ASAP.

  • Blacksmith

    Those damn conservatives….. Oh wait.

  • Gary

    The closet-pedophiles at the NDP, Liberals and CBC actually want it to be legalized in Canada so they don’t have to have a FAKE vacation in Thailand or islamic Countries to have sex with children and not get caught.

    I’d love to see the list for the NDPer male MP’s for what Nations they claimed they HAD to go to which just happened to allow the child sex trade for boys and girls to make both types of pedophiles happy.
    Sven Robinson sure liked going to the Middle East a lot to crusade for Muslim Rights in Palestine ……..things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

  • jayme

    Ottawa had around 8 honour crimes in 2014 yet the left stream media won’t call it that .

  • Maggat

    Christ, it’s so painful to go to these news sites and listen to the codswallop spewed forth from the idiots “starring” on our news media. I’m glad we have the internet and sites like BCF to get out news in a manner that we can handle and make sense of. I got through only one of the three videos presented in this post and two were almost enough to make me puke.
    BCF, The Rebel and all the rest, Keep Up The Good Work!