Transgender woman going to rights tribunal after Ontario appeal board refuses to pay U.S. sex-change bill

An appeal board has rejected a transgender woman’s plea to have her sex-change surgery in the United States reimbursed by Ontario’s medicare system, underlining Canadian health care’s struggle to handle a surging demand for gender-altering services.

Amanda Pearson now plans to push ahead with a complaint to Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal, arguing the province’s backlogged, restrictive system — resulting in years’ long wait lists for taxpayer-funded surgery — discriminates against transgender people.

  • Chris

    There’s no case here because it’s the perfect socialist system. It treats everyone like crap.

  • We should never have funded these surgeries in the first place.

    I remember about 20 years ago when the Gov started funding the surgeries — some of the first transgender operations were performed at the McMaster U. Medical Centre in Hamilton. The argument they gave to justify taxpayers paying for it was: “There are only about 6 (six) transgender people in all of Canada — the cost is negligible”. And like the born dummies that Canadians are genetically destined to be, we were naturally “guilted” into paying for it: “Oh, how greedy it would be to deny these poor people the operation — there are only six (6) transgender people in all of Canada!”.

    But like every hair-brain experiment of the Left, they failed to be up front about the radical gender politics behind the idea — they failed to tell us that gender fluidity ideology would one day be FORCED on our children through the education system, against the parent’s will, as well as massive support through the Left media to misrepresent sex changes as a perfectly normal thing to transition to. Now we have little kids across North America whose vulnerable immature minds have been indoctrinated into the idea that they may be a “girl” instead of a boy, or vice-versa.

    We should defund sex changes for the same reason we should defund abortion: forcing taxpayers to fund these things forces everyone to be collectively responsible for the stupid unethical decisions of others.

    • It is a mutilation fetish.

      Cutting off your wee wee does not make you a woman.

      • Which is why it is incomprehensible that under the Harper Conservatives transgender people, even the ones who decide to keep their “wee wees”, are permitted to designate themselves as “female” on their Canadian passports.

        Apart from the irrefutable biological arguments against it, what does it demonstrate to other countries about the validity of a Canadian passport for accurately identifying Canadian citizens?

    • tom_billesley

      How long before a child is removed from parents and given a sex change because the state knows best?

  • CodexCoder

    Anyone that self-mutilates needs help. Promoting self-mutilation as a “healthy” thing is insane. Having the public pay for it is beyond the pale.

    Consider the British woman that believed she should have been born blind and enlisted the help of a doctor to make her dream come true. The physician, and I use the term advisedly, poured bleach in her eyes. Ask any blind person, deprived of sight, if that smacks of being normal. Ask them what they would give to have their vision back.

    It is time for the man on the street to call stupid behavior for what it is and to petition the government to stop wasting time and effort in promoting obviously questionable ideas.

  • Denis

    so how many people will miss out on cataract surgery or hip replacements so this mentally ill human can change her outlook on life?

  • Waffle

    Menopause (both male and female) is a bitch!

  • Surele Surele

    Get away from my wallet!!!!

  • Blacksmith

    So was it a woman getting an add a dick to me, or was it a man getting a slit? If it was a man getting a slit he could have saved us all some money by doing it himself.

    • Clausewitz

      I’d volunteer. I own both a weed whacker and a chainsaw.

  • Gary

    Blame this on their Mother that was pro-Life when she could have just had the FREE abortion to stop a malcontent like this from ever being born .

    One day when the DNA chain is de-coded to find the body defects and sexual-preference sequences during the first month of being pregnant , all of the annoying whiners that screwed over at least 96% of the population will be aborted to save the Mother the grief and having a financial Burden living at into their 40’s and bitching about everything the Mother stands for such a being Pro-Life when the child is pro–Abortion.
    Currently , Justin endorses gender-cide abortions to BROWN female babies to get the votes from the South Asian community , he also condones the 80% abortion rates for Down Syndrome babies because the SCOC ruled it so and legal to abort for any reason
    Does anyone at GLAAD and NOW/NAC think that they won’t be next at the rate they act like fascist thug Brown-Shirt nazi’s to get people fired or bankrupt businesses with boycotts or the financial terrorism on the social media ?????

    The abortion clinic’s will be the new Death Camps by-proxy with the subtle cremations to stop the person from being born and then get picked-up with the Medical waste to be tossed into the furnace with a status equal to surgery tissue waste or severed limbs.
    Oh the irony for the victim of a homo-cide abortion to be tossed into a Medical waste Canister to be cremated along with the several penis or breasts from a trans gender reassignment surgery .
    ” Hey , why are you here” .
    ” The owner didn’t want me, how about you”

    ” Same , it was from love and legal “

  • andycanuck

    She’s not named Amanda Hugankiss?

  • dukestreet

    The number of people, who are unhappy with themselves after the surgery and commit suicide is never mentioned. We are making people in physical pain & distress, wait or not have the treatment they need, so that these people, who will likely end up unsatisfied with the result, don’t have to wait for their mutilation surgery? Insane!

    • Millie_Woods

      Maybe we should council them to get on the state-assisted suicide program right from the get-go. I’m sure it’s cheaper and there’s no wait time. “Here’s your pills freak, take the whole bottle at once and stay in bed.”