Syrian wives and mothers left behind condemn men who have fled the country for Europe

Syrian men fleeing their war-torn home country are being criticised by the women ‘left behind’ to live in squalor in refugee camps.

When questioned about their feelings regarding the large number of men who have fled Syria for Europe without their wives and children, these women do not mince their words.

One woman accuse them of abandoning Syria in a time of crisis, while others stop short of calling them cowards by saying it is ‘haram’ – forbidden under Islam – to leave their country.

  • Martin B

    No doubt all these women caught on camera calling their cowardly men cowards will be fined and jailed for defamation, just like the Soddy woman who filmed her hubby groping the maid.

  • John

    It all boils down to the simple fact their husbands wanted a white girl

  • andycanuck

    Gee. It’s almost as if Islam never had an Age of Chivalry.

  • BitterClinger

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I hope every damn one of you and your satanic spawn are killed real soon.

  • Xavier

    In the West, men leave the women and children in a safe place to go to a war zone.

    In the ME, men leave the women and children in a war zone to go to a safe place.

    If I could remember where I read that, I’d credit them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Nelson sez

  • Gary

    Maher Arar is Syrian, he left his family behind in Canada when went to Boston to chum around suspected Al-Qaeda friendly muslims at the mosque , then when he was in Tunisia with is family he left his family behind again as he headed for the airport to fly to New York JFK.