Second Saudi teenager set to be beheaded for ‘protesting’ following international furore over the ‘crucifixion’ of a 17-year-old

A second teenager is set to beheaded in Saudi Arabia for his role in protests, it was reported today.

Dawoud al-Marhoon had his conviction upheld by a court just days after a similar case involving another youth sparked an international outcry.

Al-Marhoon was 17 when he was arrested by Saudi security forces in May 2012, at the height of protests in the country’s Eastern Province.

He was reportedly tortured and made to sign a ‘confession’ that was later said to have been relied on to convict him.

  • John

    Saudi Arabia currently chairs the UN Human Rights Commission, I believe.

    How fitting.

    • pettifog

      Actually, the Chairman seems to be a German, the best I can make out.
      And Saudi Arabia is there with the connivance of UK, as another story on this page points out.
      But, take a look at the membership of that august institution:

      Some of the members are real advocates for Human Rights, like China, Cuba, UAE, not to mention such advocates for children’s rights like Gabon and those paragons of democracy, Venezuela, Russia and Qatar.

  • Martin B

    The Eastern Province is where Soddy Shi’ites live, this teenage heretic doesn’t have a hope in hell.

  • African

    Shshs, Saudis are our allies on the ‘war on terror’. Speak no evil about them!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. Keep going Ragheads. Kill each other to extinction.

  • Bomb the demented ragheads.

  • Barrington Minge

    And we are supposed to trhink of the Soddies are civilised? What a joke!!