Nato ready to deploy forces to defend Turkey ‘against any threats’


Personally I have no interest in defending an Islamic state, NATO member or not.

I doubt the rest of NATO does either.

  • H

    NATO, like the West in general, is in decline and has been probably since the downfall of the Soviet Union. This is just sad: Western nations act like a bunch of wimps with regard to ISIS, waging an ineffectual, token war, and then they have a hissy fit when Russia decides to take serious action (if you won’t lead, then follow, says Putin).

  • mauser 98

    NATO is 90% US military

    • simus1

      At least.
      And since Emperor Barry controls almost all the modern “smart” munitions and target selection ……………………..

      • All of this on Obama’s watch.

        The Middle East is in flames, Europe’s being invaded through Turkey and NATO is going to protect Turkey from the Russians.

        Obama has fucked up the world. Thanks democrats for the change.

  • Blacksmith

    Let the pisslamist craphole of Turkey burn, half of their citizens are already in Germany and other European union countries anyway. If it is burned down it will make a good place for the all the Turkish expats to call home.

    • Ron MacDonald

      Western Turkey is similar to Europe, it’s eastern Turkey that produces all the radical Muslims.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Eastern Turkey is also part of the Kurdish homeland, and the Kurds there are very restless.

      • Blacksmith

        Ah, okay let the part of turkey the Kurds don’t want burn.

  • Oracle9

    The US State Dept claims that the Russians are hitting a ‘moderate Syrian opposition’, and therefore Assad is persona non grata. Another American foreign policy train wreck, Libya times ten.

  • Hard Little Machine

    NATO consists of the US and Turkey. In a very practical sense England, France, Germany and Poland are for show. The rest of the countries are actually a burden to deploy and their RoE are ‘stay in your bunks’.

  • The Butterfly

    Why is Turkey still a part of this thing?

  • Blacksmith

    Now what the hell are we supposed to do for Thanksgiving?

    • Minicapt

      Stuff Turkey!


  • FactsWillOut

    NATO is pro-jihad. All NATO members import Muslims by the boatload, except Turkey, who exports them to the rest of NATO.
    NATO handed Libya and Kosovo to the Jihadists, and helped to do so with the Ivory Coast.
    What will it take for folk to wake up?

  • Gettingby

    Anyone else read that Turkey has around 90 neutron bombs in their arsenal…given them by NATO?

    • Minicapt

      No, because such would be US-owned and controlled munitions stored on Turkish territory. This has been customary since the early Fifties, and suggesting such as you have is really very stupid.