Man in niqab votes in Canadian election! #elxn42

We sent a reporter to attempt to vote while wearing a full, face-obscuring niqab.

  • Two forces are at play here, in these employees’ minds. One, fear of offending religious preference. Two, fear of offending sexual proclivities. They thought, maybe this guy (the reporter) is a cross-dresser with Muslim sympathies, he wants to be both a woman and a Muslim. If we offend him, one way or the other we shall get in trouble – so they treated him like a king. Sorry, queen. Sorry, sultan…

    • Eleanor Dobos

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  • David Murrell

    David Menzies, when he is on his game, is a scream. Here he is delightful.

    • Brenda360

      My personal favorite was when he came on Michael Coren’s show (on Sun News) with a truckload of fast food. This was his demonstration of support for Theresa Spence’s less than stringent “hunger” strike (during which, I gather, she actually gained weight).