Libel or Lawfare? The HAMAS/Muslim Brotherhood Lawsuit against Prime Minister Harper

The NCCM/CAIR CAN lawsuit against the Prime Minister of Canada and his spokesperson appears to be a case of law fare, not libel. Everyone connected to launching the lawsuit on the day it was first filed was ‘one degree of separation’ from HAMAS, the terrorist entity which is at the heart of the lawsuit or the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the parent organization of HAMAS. The lawsuit will likely never see the inside of a courtroom due to the overwhelming evidence against NCCM/CAIR CAN and HAMAS.


When the suit was initially filed I did a site search on the USA CAIR site where I uncovered 20 or so CAIR-Can press releases issued and archived by CAIR USA, all of them making explicit reference to CAIR-Can being the “Canadian” office of CAIR USA. Can you say Taqiyya?

CAIR Capture 2A

  • FactsWillOut

    I’m sure we can trust these unelected judges to come to the right decision.

    • Clausewitz

      Sorry, just choked on my coffee.

  • Gary

    Arar was illegally deported by the USA ????
    How the hell can you be deported when you are visiting that Nations with a Passport to catch a connecting flight.

    This is how CAIR and Sheema Khan LIED about Arar’s globe trotting and hanging around pro-jihad islamists.
    Arar had fled Tunisia and left his family there, he was by himself as a Sunni male Syrian on a Canadian Passport that landed at JFK Airport and was stopped for a good reason because there was a FBI file on Him for his ties to the now famous Boston mosque pumping out terrorist.

    He was LEGALLY denied entry as the USA has done for lots of people , but Tunisia didn’t want him back on a return flight for fear of an asylum claim .
    It took almost two weeks until JORDAN agreed to let him land there to meet his family and fly back to Canada.

    I can’t believe that Sheema Klhan has the nerve to tell LIES for CAIR about Maher Arar when She appeared at the Arar inquiry and knows what evidence was exposed which rejects the Hamas-linked CAIR’s narrative they spewed to the CBC and STAR .

    I’ve said this before, the CBC archives from 2003 is where he told them that he was treated well by the Americans and got a private Jet flight to Jordan but his family didn’t show up top meet him.
    He said that he was kidnapped there and tortured for two weeks prior to being taken to his homeland and put in a jail cell. His own website posted the PDF document for this Lawsuit against Jordan and Syria for $25 million which was laughed out of Court because he claimed his Charter Rights were violated by J Jordan and Syria .
    That’s when there is gap between when Arar returned home in 2003 and his CAIR backed Lawfare for $400 million in 2005 while he demanded an inquiry
    to avoid going to Court and risk a Perjury charge for his lies .
    CAIR and Arar’s legal team knew exactly what to feed to the brain dead MSM in Canada that don’t do a fact checking when muslims makes outrageous claims that would make him look like the victim in all of this.

    It was the same CBC and Star that reported that Omar Khadr said he saw Maher Arar in Afghanistan at one of the Al-qaeda training camps and that other muslims referred to him as the canadian here to be trained.
    Arar’s home in Boston was right by the same Airport used on 9/11/01 , he attended the radical mosque in Boston and was seen with suspect Jihadists.

    The Inquiry had a list of islamic groups (now tied to the Muslim Brotherhood) that hand standing and it was Khan that took the stand and an Oath with the Quran to spew LIES like her fake islamophobia survey ans fake hate crimes against muslims.
    The way the scams go for CAIR is that the USA CAIR will post a fabricated hate-Crime against a muslim know people won’t research it , the CAIR canada post an American fabricated Hate-crime story knowing few people will research it.
    Khan will also use her Globe& Mail column to cite a CAIR story where the USA CAIR thens cite her Globe article to complete the cycle of Taqiyyah where the lie gets repeated as facts knowing the Media will Google the Globe story by Khan or the CAIR story not knowing the whole thing is a lie.

    Khan jumped ship from CAIR and now acts as if she had nothing to do with funding Hamas terroism via CAIR donations have some money washed though as bogus Charity in Texas to get it to hamas.

    Khan used her Column in the Globe to shill for CAIR by posting claims about hate-crimes and islamophobia , and CAIR-Canada would often post parts of Khan’s Globe op-ed not telling people that Khan wrote it and was on staff at CAIR which was a ruse to fool the muslims that read the story on CAIR’s website.

    The fact that i found all of these links and facts as a private citizens using a $3.00 an hour Cyber Cafe while the CBC was clueless or complicit in the scam and cover-ups , shows that it’s time to axe the money pit of jew haters and Anti-west god haters that support hamas and sharia laws misogyny in Canada.

    I watch the Arar Inquiry for free on CPAC and spent about $9.00 at the Cyber Cafe to get the info on Arar , the CBC gets $1.1 billion for their Quality Journalism and yet bought the false narrative by CAIR and they didn’t even notice that a few of the islamic links to the Inquiry that helped Arar’s lawfare had gotten money from the Arar’s settlement.

    Khan and Arar should be cuffed by the RCMP for fraud to use extortion to get an inquiry whieol stacking the witnesses with Muslim Brotherrhod friendly Muslims that got paid off later form the TAX-Free Settlement.
    Tarek Fatah was at the Ottawa Victory Dinner for the Arar’s and saw the Imam for the Khadr Klan Kids and the Jew hating Mohammad Elmasry that endorse murdering everyone in israel over 19.

    Recently the Arar’s wanted travel VISA’s by Canada to ” vacation” in saudi Arabia . Don’t forget , all of Arar’s claims were only his version of the events after he lost his Lawsuit against Jordan…. he wrapped up a huge lie with a micro film layer of the truth for the media that is stupid and hates the West .
    Omar Khadr is now trying to scam us , we can’t afford another 40,000 pro-sharia muslims as refugees form Syria that will look for the chance to Sue us for Million so they won’t have to ever work in canada.