Leftist Bigotry vs. Qur’anic Islam

A few weeks back, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson found himself deluged with mass hysteria when he dared to claim that Islam and the American political tradition were incompatible.

I noted at the time that Carson is correct, for Islam demands the universal imposition of Sharia law and, thus, theocracy. This, or so I naively thought, should suffice to show both how and why these two perspectives are not only mutually incompatible, but systematically incompatible.

  • Clinton

    In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God has endowed man with certain
    inalienable rights. In Islam, Allah is utterly transcendent, man is nothing,
    and there is no such thing as inalienable human rights. That is why,
    without exception, every Muslim society has held human life cheaply,
    made chattels of its women and discriminated against other religions,
    and that’s why every Muslim state has been a brutal oligarchy, corrupt
    and undemocratic. To this day, slavery exists in Muslim states in the
    Mideast, and without pressure from the West, they see no need to

    Muslim societies see no basis for freedom of speech, freedom of religion,
    or even the concept of ‘human rights’. Islam is absolutely inimical to
    democracy, freedom, and human rights in general.

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  • winterdog1

    I love the smell of Progressives heads exploding in the morning