Iranian Terrorist Attack Against U.S. Revealed

A bombshell report by the Washington Times reveals that fecklessness in the face of terror isn’t a condition exclusive to the Obama administration. “Bill Clinton’s administration gathered enough evidence to send a top-secret communique accusing Iran of facilitating the deadly 1996 Khobar Towers terrorist bombing,” the Timesstates, “but suppressed that information from the American public and some elements of U.S. intelligence for fear it would lead to an outcry for reprisal, according to documents and interviews.”

  • Chris

    I guess Obama thinks Hillary isn’t sinking fast enough so he’s going after Bill too.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    An outcry for retaliation indeed, but it’s never too late for that.
    Eventually, we will have to engage and kill an awful lot of these people.
    The sooner that day happens, the lower the death toll will be, but actions like this from the Clinton and Obama administrations just make sure that number will be higher.

    “When White tried to get the intel flowing again, he discovered “the stream had been cut off by Sandy Berger, and the original agency producing the intelligence was struggling to work around the roadblock,” he said. Berger was Clinton’s top security aide—and the man who was fined $50,000 following his 2008 conviction for illegally removing highly classified documents from the National Archives, some of which he intentionally destroyed.”

  • Blacksmith

    The leftist clintoon admin did something illegal? Surely not. Go hillary……..

    Is my sarc showing?

  • Gary

    This sure explains why Obama now covers for islam when muslim terrorist freely slaughter American’s knowing Barry will never link a muslim terrorist to islam or being muslims.