Howard Stern says mean things about that Israel-hating Pink Floyd bass player

I don’t remotely care about either one of these guys, but this is pretty great:

“He’s got to shut up, Roger Waters, If you take a look over there — Roger, genius, Mr. Pink Floyd — there are so many Arab countries and so much land around Israel, if you threw a pin in a pool, that’s what Israel is.  Israel was created in the middle of a desert in a portion of the world no one wanted, until Jews showed up there.

Where do you want the Jews to go, Roger? You want them just to go back to the concentration camps? What is it you want, f**head?”

“The Palestinians are these Arabs that could live in Egypt; they could live in Saudia Arabia, but guess what? Those countries don’t want them either. Israel has a little tiny country, and it bugs the shit out of Roger Waters. He can’t f**kin’ deal with it.