Harper, Conservatives are “racist”? Then explain these immigration stats #elxn42

Do you get tired of people just implying, without any proof, that conservatives are racists, bigots, anti-immigrant?

  • Racism is now a word without meaning.

    (SEE: wolf, boy who cried)

    • Well the left tend to be the real racists, that much is true.

      • Michelle Malkin publishes her “love” mail.

        It’s pretty rancid.

        • Eleanor Dobos

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    • dance…dancetotheradio

      So is gender.
      And Anglican.

      • Yes.

        See what happens when one lets liberals open their mouths.

  • BillyHW

    Why isn’t Venezuela more multicultural? Why aren’t the hispanic Venezuelans being diluted and replaced by white people of European descent? Wouldn’t white qualities like scientific discovery, invention, low crime rates, low teenage pregnancy rates, entrepreneurism, hard work and economic initiative, civilization and space travel, hygiene and medicine and engineering contribute to a more vibrant Venezuelan society that is currently mired in the muck of socialism and donkey-fucking?

    Venezuelans must filthy racists.