Harper can win on niqab and TPP #elxn42

For much of this protracted election campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative party has been treading water.

Key messages were falling flat, none of the leaders stood out and the polls reflected what has been a marathon but largely ho-hum, three-way horse race.

Then the niqab and trade deal issues came along.

The wind has changed and Harper stands to gain.


I agree on the issue of the Niqab, less so on the TPP which at most promises maybe lower prices on some goods, which is great so long as your job isn’t automated, off-shored or taken by a temporary foreign worker. Other than that, like all the other trade deals, corporations will benefit, the guy on the street not so much, in fact it’s more likely they will suffer economic harm as the deal’s low wage member countries will hoover existing manufacturing jobs and new capital investment. Don’t even think about enforcing labour standards as permitted under the agreement in order to level the playing field, we didn’t do it with Mexico under NAFTA, it won’t be done under the TPP either.

As for the niqab one thing is certain, Canadians don’t like being lectured to by downtown Toronto Liberals and that’s essentially what Canada’s media is. The niqab represents a genuine threat to our values, an attempt to insinuate Islam’s sharia law into our society where it has no place and is not wanted.

Not all cultures are equal and not all decisions on immigration have been beneficial to Canada.

Islam proves that every day, not only in Canada but around the world.

Nowhere does Islam live up to its billing as a religion of peace, it is a supremacist cult that regards the rest of the world and especially the west as the enemy, worthy of contempt or worse.