Elections Canada Will Allow Women to Wear Niqabs

Game on.

Wear Halloween masks on voting day.

A woman’s right to wear a niqab has been a hot topic on the hustings, but when it comes to actually casting a ballot, it hasn’t been an issue for Elections Canada in eight years.

Women who show up to vote on Oct. 19 wearing a face covering won’t be forced to remove it to verify their identity. They will be asked to sign an oath attesting to their eligibility and to present two pieces of identification — at least one having a current address.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Make them submit to a gynecological examination to determine identity, with a pork chop.

  • Martin B

    Wear your Klan hood.

    • David

      I think a ski mask will do.

  • Clausewitz

    But of course I’ll have to produce two pieces of ID, preferably one with my address on it. And yes they want photo ID.

    • Alain

      Exactly which is why this is total bull shit.

  • Margaret Trudeau

    My name is Margaret and I demand my right to vote!

  • Wally Keeler

    1978, 70 units of verse of the universe of the Peoples Republic of Poetry wear their chrome faceless shields and head to Parliament Hill to re-create 2 Minutes Hate.

  • Everyone Else

    Are women a privileged class?

    Why can’t men vote in disguise too?

    • Alain

      They can if they hide their face and pretend to be a woman.

  • mauser 98

    can a man wearing a Burka vote? can a man wearing a Burka be a judge? can a man wearing a Burka be a passenger jet aircraft mechanic?

    • Alain

      In answer to your first question the answer is yes. Ezra has a great video about it.