Alberta’s Energy Minister is lying about that $33,000 China junket

Alberta’s NDP Energy Minister is going on a $33,000 trip to China.

  • Going to a communist country on the taxpayers’ dime.

    That’s Thursday for the NDP.

    • Heck yes, and Justin’s dream junket

    • Eleanor Dobos

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  • pike bishop

    Notley kow-towing to the Chi-Comms in solidarity.

  • Frances

    Right now, coal is the only “shovel-ready” export Alberta has to offer, and the Chinese know about it. Oil isn’t on the table unless there’s a pipeline through BC. So why waste $33,000 that could be better spent back at home?

  • JoKeR

    You don’t want to make them angry.
    You wouldn’t like them when they are angry.

  • ontario john

    Its perfectly natural that a socialist from the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Alberta, would meet with a socialist from the People’s Democratic Republic of China. Although they could have just had a secret meeting like Wynne. Because here in Ontario we know how to keep the peasants in the dark. And just think, when Justin becomes PM we will have a whole delegation of provincial and federal leaders kissing Chinese ass.

  • terrence

    Yes, and bullyboy moonbeam, the “mayor” of Vancouver, BC, criticized Stephen Harper for not doing ENOUGH about “climate change”. And mayor moonbeam did it in LONDON, ENGLAND. I am sure he did NOT walk across Canada and row his way across the Atlantic Ocean. The amount of DEADLY CO2 moonbeam was a party to on his plane flight was MASSIVE.

    But, Dear Leader moonbeam, does not have the walk the talk, all HE has to is TALK the TALK. The peasants must walk the talk, as must Harper.