Wynne government robs tax payers in deal with OPSEU to shore up public service union support for Justin #elxn42

Queen’s Park has reached a tentative three-year deal with 35,500 members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

The settlement with public servants, including administrative support staff, probation and parole officers, social workers and workers in information technology systems, averts the possibility of labour strife.


Net Zero My Ass – “Treasury Board president Deb Matthews said Tuesday that the accord is “a net zero and is consistent with the fiscal plan” of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s cash-strapped government.
But sources told the Star it is in fact a zero in the first year, a one-time one per cent lump sum in January, followed by a 1.4 per cent raise.

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    She needs to buy OPSEU help to work for Justin Trudeau’s election campaign.

  • Effin stupid article. How did she ROB taxpayers you douche? We got stuck with another 2 year wage freeze…anyone at the top of the grid can’t get an increase anyway, The government has been saving tons of moolah for fucking YEARS now off the backs of the hard workeingsn pubic servants. Including me. Hey douche, NOT everyone makes 100,000 and is on the sunshone list, you cunt. Some of suus agaver average salary is $50K, you take that salary in this DAY and age in Troonto lviing and so big deal, we’ve fotten the 1% increase 1.5, it works out to be about $20.00 a pay extra! You cunt,. thats not enough to by a aloahaja of bread at Loblaws. And it was 1.4 percent lump sump. You cuntr.