Victor Davis Hanson: Beware Putin And His ‘Anti-Hitler Coalition’

Contrary to the principles of American foreign policy of the last 70 years, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry tacitly invited Russia to “help” monitor things in the Middle East.

Now they are learning that there are lots of Middle East scenarios far worse than the relative quiet Iraq that the Obama administration inherited in January 2009 — and soon abandoned.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    While I duly note VDH’s cautions, I do not believe that Russian intervention is as dire as it looks.. Israel has already made its red lines known and Turkey has also warned Russia of its limits of tolerance, and unlike Obama, they mean what they say. I also feel that the alliance with Iran will not last anymore than Stalin’s alliance with Hitler. Also, fracking technology, which continues to advance, will minimize any advantage to controlling Middle East oil resources.

    • Karen Willis

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  • BradThomas

    Obama’s desire to essentially withdraw the US from involvement in many parts of the world, especially the ME, has only created a power vacuum (and you know what they say about Nature and vacuums.) He has weakened the US militarily (and in terms of international prestige by his passive approach to foreign policy). Consequently, other powers not necessarily hostile to America, but not friendly either, have taken note of US weakness – and are taking advantage of it.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Russia was allowed by the president of Syria to be there , the US wasn’t , the invader here is the US .