Tories Announce A Plan to Re-settle Stranded North Korean Refugees

I would rather take action to help them than those who throw food away:

The Conservatives are proposing a plan to help resettle stranded North Korean refugees.

At an event in Toronto on Wednesday, Jason Kenney said a re-elected Conservative government would develop specialized immigration measures in response to a request from the Korean community.

Kenney said the program will focus on North Korean refugees stuck in countries in Southeast Asia.

The minister of multiculturalism says the plan would focus on individuals who have secured support of the Canadian-Korean community or through other designated groups.

“Our Conservative government’s openness to North Korean refugees is in keeping with Canada’s best humanitarian traditions,” Kenney said.

  • Rosenmops

    And the best part is they aren’t Muslimes.

    • Karen Willis

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  • Maggat

    Know what? They’d be damn glad to come here, they would soon become productive citizens, and the bonus is, they won’t be looking for an excuse to kill us.

  • BillyHW

    The lefties won’t like this because North Koreans are genuine refugees and unlikely to rape.

    • V10_Rob

      It’s far simpler than that.

      They’ve fled the Workers Paradise, which is inconceivable. They’re obviously either mentally deranged, or criminals of highest order.

  • Brett_McS

    We are working with Koreans at the moment on a project and a bunch came over for a week. (These are South Koreans, of course). Very impressive people. The guy I spent most time with had gone to college in California and had obviously assimilated Californian surfer culture to some extent, and was a sort of Korean Fonz. Awesome.

  • Brett_McS

    Many of the inmates spend their entire lives in the internment camps in North Korea. Literally, from birth to death; knowing nothing else.

  • tom_billesley

    The first mosque in North Kora was built a couple of years ago, pretty much for the Iranian embassy staff.

  • Jan Morrissy

    ok this is a great plan!

  • DD_Austin

    WTF are we gathering foreigners from foreign countries for? They aren’t in
    North Korea, They belong if anywhere in South Korea, not Canada.

    More refugees, more ESL, more welfare, most “public servants” on the tax payroll
    providing “services” and more labour supply to suppress demand driving down everyone’s earning value, if not ending up a “diversity” hire supplanting some
    Canadian from a useless parasite job.

    And most especially whyTF do we have “a request from the Korean Community”

    How long are we going to have a Korean Community, it’s been 50 years and they’re still Koreans, not Canadians

    It’s time to recognize the fact that most foreigners stay foreigners, and close the
    damn door on ALL colonization

    These are just more FTWs under a another name

    • Or it’s a refugee settlement program.

      What you are describing is political multiculturalism. Have issues with that if you want. Now- what does one do about genuine refugees, ones who will actually benefit this country?

      • DD_Austin

        You assume benefit, that is an unfounded assumption
        If they are so beneficial why isn’t South Korea taking them?
        Where is the line up of countries for them?
        This is just “buying” the “korean community” vote
        And basis alone I can claim detriment

        Because when you buy anything somebody pays
        And that somebody in this case is us.

        As for refugees, the fact that they can run, is part of the reason the
        third world remains the shithole that it is, and the civilized world
        is becoming a shithole due to this misguided policy as well.

        • Okay- when was the last time you saw a lazy Korean who blamed everyone for his problems and committed crimes?

          South Korea DOES take North Korean refugees. They invest a lot in them. Some South Koreans are weary of them because of incidences of North Korean agents posing as refugees (no evidence that happens here). Some are just snobs and want nothing to do with them.

          That doesn’t change what Canada might do.

          Yes, North Korea is a Third World country because of COMMUNISM. South Korea isn’t. One can conclude that if the government wasn’t one based on Marxism, the chances are that the country will come out swinging.

          Differentiate before making broad statements.

          • DD_Austin

            About two days ago, He name is Kim Jong-un

            As for SK, It’s seems they aren’t taking these

            “They invest a lot in them”
            They are therefore a detriment, by your own words

            Canada might something smart for once, nothing. We don’t need more people right now, especially ones who become at best (fill in foreign shithole of choice-Canadians) living in “chinatowns”

          • How are North Koreans a detriment if they end up getting jobs, paying taxes and obeying the law?