“The Saudi Population Are Growing Restless”: A Deep Look Inside The “Black Box” That Is Saudi Arabia

With Saudi Arabia a critical player in the latest flare up in mid-east violence, while domestically the country faces increasing financial and economic pressure as a result of the collapse in oil prices coupled with the recent fomenting of a “royal coup” in Saudi Arabia, an honest and fresh perspective, not one pre-approved by the mainstream US media, into what is really going on in the kingdom was long overdue.

We are grateful to regular contributor Erico Matias Tavares who has kindly shared this interview with Dr. Ali Alyami, a native of Saudi Arabia and a citizen of the US for the past four decades. From an early age he has been advocating for political, economic and social reform in his native homeland. He is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Democracy & Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, a Washington, D.C. based non-profit tax exempt organization.

Previously, Alyami was a Senior Fellow at the Saudi Institute in Washington, D.C., Director of an educational peace program for the American Friends Service Committee in San Francisco and a Representative for the Arab Organization for Human Rights (a Cairo based group) in North America. Dr. Alyami has spoken at conferences throughout the US, Egypt, Sudan, Israel, France, Belgium, Spain and the UK, has offered expert testimony before Congress and has advised senior officials at the Pentagon, the National Security Council and the Department of State.