Right wing social media users call for bombing Dearborn after Fox report

DEARBORN — A woman was stoned in Dearborn last year, an unidentified man said on Fox News’ top rated show. If you did not hear about the incident, it is because it never happened. The claim was one of many false allegations in a Fox report on Arabs and Muslims in the city.

The video segment aired on the O’Reilly Factor Monday night; a day later, close to a dozen calls for bombing Dearborn surfaced on Fox News’s Facebook page. City officials and community activists condemned the news network for its inaccurate portrayal of the city.

Here’s a link to the vid…

  • Reader

    And now for an unrelated musical interlude……

    • That Arab news piece reads like its from the Onion.

  • unalien

    Muslims Stoning Christians in Dearborn, Michigan


    • Dearborn is an Arab country.

    • Karen Willis

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Dearborn tops the list for per capita numbers on the no fly list, and is second in the nation (after NYC) in absolute numbers.
    That place needs to burn like Peshtigo.

    • BillyHW

      Their diversity makes America strong.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        So strong!

        • Really really really strong.

          • Xavier

            Hysterically strong.

    • Jabberwokk

      Drunk_by_Noon and Black_Mamba I read your comments on the other site. You tore them up. Fantastic work gentleman. Absolutely outstanding. /applause

  • Petrilla

    Muslims stoning Christians in Dear born Michigan. OK under Obama. Not under President Trump. There will be NO MORE STONINGS in the US. EVER. Ever.

    • Trump is a progressive.

      • Xavier

        Shhh! You’ll scare the sheep.

        • FactsWillOut

          A Jeb man, I see.

          • Xavier

            You say that again and there will be bloodshed.

          • Xavier


          • Jabberwokk

            There seems to be a growing assumption that if your not on the Trump bandwagon your a RINO/non-conservative. It’s not a trend I like seeing considering not being able to deal with having a difference of opinion is usually a complaint leveled against the left.

        • I know. It saddens me how Americans and a lot of Canadians are falling for him. He is a leftist progressive through and through.

  • Dearborn is already bombed. It is horrific and ugly. It looks like a Yemeni or Algerian town. It is the weirdest place I have ever driven through.

  • Blacksmith

    Oh yeah there is no pisslamist problem in Dearborn, that is why it is affectionately known as derbornistan. It always amazes me how stupid most people are, the information is out there all you have to do is look.