Netherlands: Oranje villagers give up blockade, illegal alien invader buses arrive

Two buses carrying asylum seekers to a holiday camp next to the tiny Drenthe village of Oranje arrived at their destination on Tuesday night after villagers gave up their blockade.

Angry locals closed the roads for several hours in an effort to stop the buses arriving after it emerged officials had broken a commitment to limit refugee numbers and were planning to place an extra 700 new arrivals in the holiday camp.
They were briefed about the decision to break a commitment to limit refugee numbers earlier in the evening. King’s commissioner Jacques Tichelaar told reporters he was furious at the decision.

‘Oranje is already taking care of more refugees than possible… doubling their number without decent discussion is incomprehensible,’ he said.

  • This could be described as political rape – forcing people to do stuff against their will that they know full well is conducive to their own destruction.

  • Dana Garcia

    “Scram, citizens. Admitting lots of diverse illegal aliens will demonstrate our moral superiority.”

  • G

    Let’s hope that the refugees find their new ….”home” so unpleasant that they quickly return.