Meanwhile in Australia: Farhad Jabar’s Gun came from Middle Eastern Crime Gang and He Received it at His Mosque!


The weapon used by teen terrorist Farhad Jabar was believed to be sourced from a Middle Eastern crime gang and police suspect it was handed to the schoolboy at the Parramatta mosque.

Details about where he got the gun and its original source were established early in the investigation but the Telegraph was asked by police not to release details until after today’s raids.

Police believe a known Middle Eastern crime figure passed the .38 Smith and Wesson on to a radical without knowing exactly what it was to be used for.

It’s believed the weapon then ended up in the hands of the 15-year-old at the mosque just hours before he killed Curtis Cheng last Friday afternoon outside Police Headquarters.

A smart country would close that Mosque, detain and question all the Imams that have preached there in the last 5-years, gain a list of all attendees at that mosque that have attended in the last year, and investigate them, and deport all of the remaining members of Farhad Jabar’s family.

Unfortunately, there seem to be no “smart countries” left in the world, so likely not much will happen of this revelation.