ISIS beheads three men for TERRORIZING people and another two in front of children for ‘spying’

Sadistic Islamic State fighters have beheaded three men accused of ‘terrorizing’ people and two alleged spies in front of a group of children in Syria.

Photographs of the brutal public executions – some of more than 10,000 carried out by ISIS in Syria and Iraq since it declared a ‘global caliphate’ in June 2014 – have emerged from the northern city of Aleppo.

In one set of photos, three blindfolded men are led to their deaths by masked jihadis.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    The hypocrisy is glaring, yes.
    At least to anyone with a Western/Non-muslim mindset.

    But what we see as a hypocrisy, the Muslims of ISIS see as a divinely-sanctioned double standard.

    • We had better wise up.

    • Gary

      Obama got caught in one of his taqiyyah moments just this year when he first said that ISIS has nothing to do with islam and they are not muslims , except that shortly after that when he spoke of their crimes and barbarism he want to mitigate out fears and said that ” They are also killing other muslims” .
      Wait…. he said they weren’t muslims and then claims they are also killing OTHER muslims.

      Imam Obama can’t even get his lies straight.

      • Karen Willis

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  • mauser 98

    no Niqab at citizenship ceremony.. or you are a racist

  • Gary

    And yet here were are once again with several Charity Status Children’s Advocacy groups and Children Rights groups in Canada that are just as silent about the overt islamic child-abuse and crimes/pedophilia outside of Canada as the Feminist/Gay Charity Status groups when islamic misogyny homophobia goes on weekly such as flogging and tossing gays from roof tops as a favour to allah.

    GLADD is obsessed with the Human Rights to get Pizza after a gay wedding or a Wedding cake from a non -gay bakery to prompt a lawsuit or Financial terrorism via Social media.
    I have Officially given up fighting for total equality for all groups and now have chosen to mete out my compassion to REAL victims that only want the same Rights and Protections as the 7,000,000,000 other people on Earth….no less and no more.

    Even here in Canada we now have some Muslims ( not my opinion, it’s what they claim they are) freely posting videos that use Quranic text to justify killing homosexuals ( on top of jews and Christians to be fair and equal to all non-muslims ) , then we have the pro-hamas/Sharia Rallies where little children are used at the front line as shields while some are given large Posters spewing hatred at non-muslims or they have Photos of dead and blood soaked victims of Middle east civil wars .

    Lets not absolve the Police when many are complicit by-proxy for choosing not to enforce Canada’s Laws on some non-white and non-Christian criminals
    in the guise of Keeping the Peace ( for now ) .
    We just had the White male Christian Canadian background Father strip searched and arrested for unsafe gun storage allegations and Child-Abuse under Canada’s laws after his Daughter in Kindergarten drew a crude image of the Magic gun Daddy kills the monster with.
    Yes folks, Muslims can behead people in front of Children , they can bring kids to the Jew-hatred Festival Al-Quds approved by Wynne on Public land at Queen’s park, they can have a pro-sharia homophobic child-bride friendly radical mosque where Justin Trudeau even goes there to endorse the misogyny and pedophilia Tenets under Whahhabism.

    islam is islam, and these leftist liberal dolts that keep up their charade that it’s a Religion Of Peace will gets us killed , except that under the same sharia law they are now aiding to spread will makes them the one of the First groups hanged or beheaded in public.
    So I guess to some people …… it’s not ALL bad news too see a few of these traitor and weasels today ending up like Mussolini testing the strength of Piano strings.

  • Barrington Minge

    I just cannot find the words to describe these mooslim animals – contempt? yes, disgust? yes, abhorrance? yes…there just are not the words strong enough.

  • mauser 98