Here’s the real war within Islam

“There is a war going on and the war is within Islam.”

In one short sentence, 29-year-old Karim Jivraj, the Conservative candidate in the federal riding of Rosedale-University in downtown Toronto, summed up the crisis that dominates political discourse today, including in Canada and the U.S.

Jivraj was speaking Sunday at an all-party debate hosted by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW).

  • The bigger picture – Islamic theology creates a dysfunctional society.

    Islamic theology on a whole is toxic anywhere it is applied.

    Most people only view their small part of the bigger picture.

    An aircraft carrier has a surgical suite. If you only looked at the surgical suite you would think you were in a hospital. How wrong you would be.

    Yes Islam has lots of nice people. But the jihadis control Islam. And the sum total of Islam is dysfunctional.