Four Terror Stabbing Attacks in One Day in Jerusalem: Is ‘ISIS Intifada’ Here?

The first rains that follow the High Holy Days have come to Jerusalem. As always, a blessed relief. But no relief seems imminent from the renewed tensions that have descended on the city. A series of brutal murders and attempted murders of Israeli Jewish civilians by Palestinian Arab Muslims have taken place over the last two weeks. These have occurred against a backdrop of violent demonstrations and protests in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and increasingly among Israel’s Arab citizens.

  • k1962

    If it was so bad for the Palestinians they would be taking rubber dinghies en masse to Greece. They have it pretty damn good and they f*cking know it. Poor Israelis, I don’t know how they can deal with these barbarians and international opinion and win.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    The Western media loves to report on the intifadas, but, the Western media loathes reporting on the influence of ISIS on Muslims around the world.

    spoiler alert: selective reporting ahead

    • and lots of it

    • Karen Willis

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  • Ron MacDonald

    The shit is about to hit the fan.

  • Shoot the muzzies, bulldoze both mosques – that may help.

  • There will be no peace in Israel till all Arabs are expelled from its borders, including so-called Israeli Arabs. Likewise, there will be no peace in Europe till all Muslims are expelled from its borders, including those born there.