As Russia escalates, U.S. rules out military cooperation in Syria

The United States on Wednesday ruled out military cooperation with Russia in Syria’s war, accusing Moscow of pursuing a “tragically flawed” strategy that would force it to limit military talks to basic pilot safety.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s critique amounted to a rebuff of Russia, which had sought greater coordination as Moscow escalates its military role in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“We are not prepared to cooperate in a strategy, which as we explained, is flawed – tragically flawed – on the Russians’ part,” Carter told a news conference during a trip to Rome.

  • David

    husseins busy

    • Perfect.

    • Clausewitz

      Shouldn’t he be kissing his ass while doing that?

      • Karen Willis

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  • k1992

    The Obama administration is only compounding their error by doubling down on previous poor decisions and policies in Syria and the Middle East in general. But at least they’re consistent in their ineptitude.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Did sanctions against Russia works ? Hu maybe not .

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It’s reached the point now that I don’t give a shit about Obama. As long as Putin doesn’t tread on Israel or the Kurds, he’s got my support.

    • I think that is becoming a majority opinion. Obama is a danger and a hindrance.

    • But then I get to tread on Poland and Latvia, deal?

      • Maggat


      • FactsWillOut

        Can’t you tread on Belgium and Sweden instead?

    • FactsWillOut

      The Kurds are just Muslims, fundamentally no different than the rest.

  • Why would I want to cooperate with weaklings?

    • Fran800

      For a year, the “war” in Ukraine has been going on. We have been told that the gallant Ukrainian (i.e. Kievian) army has been keeping back the Russian army of Putin in the east, which is aiming to conquer all or Ukraine, then move on to Poland, Latvia, Estonia, etc., if only it could beat its way through the Ukrainian forces. Surely by now we must realize the Russian army has NOT been in East Ukraine, exactly as it has said. It has given arms and support to the Donbass rebels, but that’s all, just like Canada, for instant, has been aiding the Ukrainian army.
      Surely by now we must realize that, if the Russian army had been in the Donbass with the intention of attacking Poland et a,, it would have done so a year ago. The shambolic Ukrainian army could never have stopped it.
      So what has been happening in east Ukraine? The shambolic Ukrainian army has been shelling and murdering its own citizens. Thousands dead, and many thousands fled as refugees to Russia. They took the bus.

  • Rosenmops

    Obsma’s foreign policy has been tragically flawed since he took office.

    • Clausewitz

      What policy. It’s evident to pretty well everyone that he just makes this shit up as he goes along. After a healthy pep talk from Valerie Jarrett of course.

      • He does not want ISIS destroyed. Putin wants just enough ISIS members to be destroyed so he can build a pipeline.

        Some people are just never happy.

  • FactsWillOut

    When enough Jihadists and their families are dead, Syria will be a quiet place, again.
    NATO wanted Assad gone to please their Saudi masters, and Russia said no.
    If Russia is on the wrong side of history now, that means the future is Islamic.
    Some here would no doubt prefer that to those evil, heretic Orthodox Christians.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama will fold his arms stamp his feet and blame the Jews and the GOP.