Amazing admission from prof. Fetch camera truck.

In yet another disinvited drama where students get to say what ideas they wish to listen to, Middlebury Campus edition:

Hillcrest 103 was packed beyond standing room, with over 100 in attendance, on Thursday, Nov. 21 when University of Pennsylvania Law Professor Amy Wax gave a lecture, titled “Diverging Family Structure by Class and Race: Economic Hardship, Moral Deregulation or Something Else?” Amid signs proclaiming “racist,” Wax gave a 40-minute presentation followed by a heated question and answer session.

Many students prepared for the lecture’s sensitive material and Wax’s interpretation by carrying signs labeled “Racist.” After seeing the signs, Wax proclaimed that, “It is easy to call people names, and it’s lazy, but what’s hard is to show why they are wrong. I don’t think at an institution of this caliber that’s how people ought to be responding, just with name-calling. Shutting down discussion is not the answer.”

But now get this:

A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Sociology Margaret Nelson noted that though she herself would not bring in signs labeled “racist,” the student sentiment at the moment was significant.

Huh? The prof feels she needs to explain that she would rather carry an argument than a picket sign?

Dear Full Professor Nelson: We had kind of assumed that was true.

But I am dismayed that you have not considered rebuking the students for not following your virtuous example.

Any moron can carry a picket sign. In fact, a guided robot can. What are these students at the U for, if not to learn to think, like you?

It’s no excuse that they are aggrieved/upset about the “lecture’s sensitive material”. The world is full of aggrieved and upset people who can’t respond in an intellectual way. The university exists to train people who can.

Don’t sympathize. Tell them OFF, and make them each write a literate essay responding to Wax’s data and arguments.

A few years from now, they will be thanking you for it.

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  • Without question university makes you stupid.

    • Blacksmith

      No learning or thinking allowed!

    • Data is not the problem.

      Not being able to look at, talk about, evaluate, hypothesize or even question data without being shut up by claims of racism, classism, or sexism is the problem.

      American colleges need a complete intellectual overhaul.

      The same battle we fought in the sixties, needs to be fought again today. It was called “free speech” back then.

      Today’s campuses’ cultural Marxists have destroyed “free speech”. It is time to reclaim it.

  • canminuteman

    Not that I have a lot of respect for professors, because a lot of them are idiots, but if I was this professor I wold tell these idiot students that I am the teacher, they are the student and if they don’t think they have anything to learn from my lecture, they should drop out and try to get into their Starbucks career earlier so they can build up some seniority.

    • Blacksmith

      Yeah if they don’t get seniority at Starbucks they might get replaced next semester and have to go to work as mickey d’s.
      I love it when karma takes a bite out of their asses.

  • WalterBannon

    The professor should have told these students that they were “triggering” him with their bullying and that he “did not feel safe” so as a result he would make sure that they were all expelled, so the university could avoid a multi-million dollar law suit from his union for creating an “unsafe work environment”…

  • Justin St.Denis

    I think we should close all non-STEM university courses for five years. The SJW market is saturated. A five-year break will give everybody some breathing room. Then we can re-evaluate what to do from there.

  • Clausewitz

    It seems these days that trying to study and figure out the left is the equivalent to taking a course on proctology.