Strange alliances in niqab debate #elxn42

The topsy-turvy world of politics often makes strange bedfellows, but none more awkward than the strange alliances that are forming in the niqab debate.

On one hand, New Democrats and Liberals — usually stalwart supporters of women’s rights — are defending the niqab. To me — and a great many women I’ve talked to — the face covering worn by some Muslim women represents a form of cultural oppression by a paternalistic, misogynistic society.

  • “Liberals” have allowed cultural marxist to take control.

    The idea that 100% of the women in Saudi Arabia want to be dressed in Islamic black bags is asinine.

    Allowing any woman to wear these misogynistic signs of oppression only delays the day of real, world-wide, female emancipation.

    “Liberal” should be ashamed.

  • Man_with_Hat

    At last nights all candidates meeting for Willowdale, both the Liberal (Lawyer) and NDP(Grad Student) were against the removal of course, and they’re both Iranian. Their supporters moaned when the question was brought to the floor and the lieberal said it’s a non issue of one case. Mostly boring monotone questions and answers from the moderator and the floor, so near the end I got in line to the mic. Despite them being in our hall of Remembrance, and the only member to ask a question, there was no respect when I said I would like to continue with the niqab issue there were catcalls of not again! I directed it to the liberal lawyer who didn’t hear for his and the dippers supporters, but explained that in our culture if you hide your face you’re considered an outlaw and then accused him of having an agenda so the my individual fight to face my accuser may come into question with a liberal government with lawyers like him. That’s for me he said and I nodded and then he stutter some nonsense. Each candidate had the mic 40 or fifty times and I had gotten tired of each time he took it (and as a liberal lawyer he was the talker up there) he prefaced his lies with as you all know, or as everyone knows. Drove me nuts.
    All in all a night of hearing three guys say our government will do more, better, stimulate, and many myriad ways of saying tax and spend. CS Leung quietly sounding like Lorne Greene and not Chinese saying we will continue to reduce taxes wherever possible. My fellow executive member who organized and moderated thanked me for waking everyone up before they had to head out and CS thanked me for the question while I told him I’m still not very happy with him either. I reminded him that even though he is the parliamentary secretary for multiculturalism, I still consider him to be doing the job of a serial uniculturalist handing out money to one culture or the other and never bringing them together.