Pew Research Study: Majority Of NDP & Liberal Party Members Against Keystone XL Pipeline #elxn42

Canada-ReportDamn those communists!

  • Alex

    Well, at least a healthy percentage of Albertans are using their brains and recognizing what is in their best interest. (Too bad they didn’t do that in the last provincial election, and vote Wild Rose).

    • That was a weird one off. A perfect storm of calamity.

  • Earthworm Earthworm

    Well, considering that some refineries in the US have shut down (ostensibly for repairs) we are paying $112.9 in Alberta for oil priced at $45-47, when we were paying $95.9 back in March when oil was $45-47. The change in USD vs CDN is only 3 cents since, so they can’t use that argument on why prices are high now. As for building additional refineries here, ESSO’s Strathcona refinery in Edmonton can supply all of Alberta and most of western Canada, even as far west as Vancouver on it’s output of 187,000 bbls daily finished products. That is what it was designed for. We should ram pipelines past Christy Clark’s office and offshore it to the highest bidder. Screw the US and XL. Anything less should be an economic crime against Canada and the US is front & center on making sure that that DOESN’T happen….’cause Tides et all, all well documented by Vivian Krause.

  • simus1

    But are they also against Emperor Barry’s “good friend” Warren Buffet’s pipeline on wheels unit trains?