‘Muslim Merkel’ German TV image causes outrage

Truth Hurts.

Muslim Merkel

  • The Butterfly

    She looks the part.

    • It suits her well.

      • Alain

        Not without the veil.

      • lolwut?

        Piano wire would suit her even better

  • Martin B

    They can get outraged all they want, Merkel will still go down in history as a mad traitor.

    • It was a stupid move, equivalent to inviting a biker gang into your living room.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Why is her face not covered? Whore!

  • “Deliberately provoking anti-Muslim sentiments”?

    Yes sir, you betcha!

    Got a better idea on how to be heard?

  • Gary

    islamists and the Moderate muslims know that Terrorism works so they don’t have to do dawah .

  • lolwut?