Mother whipped and burned with hot coals by ISIS fighters’ wives revealed the names of two women married to Syrian rebels under torture

A Syrian woman has revealed how she underwent horrific torture by female ISIS members in order to give up the identity of two of her friends, condemning them to a certain death.

Um Abdo, 30, a primary school teacher from a village near Aleppo, has claimed she was beaten, whipped and burned with hot coals until she revealed the names of two wives of men fighting for a local rebel group.

The mother-of-three says she was then forced to watch as Islamic State militants murdered her friends in a public beheading at a local stadium.

  • moraywatson

    Why is there a photo of a Canadian citizenship ceremony attached to this story?

  • Gary

    She was upset being force to watch a Beheading a STADIUM when it normal to see it locally near her home to be able to watch the kids and not need a baby sitter.

    She’s not against beheading people, just being force to go all the way to a Stadium.
    The islamists in Regent park will be upset if forced to go all the way to the Roger’s Centre to see a beheading of gay tossed from the roof.

  • Barrington Minge

    Must be something wrong with the camera – big black blanks on the print.