Leftie yahoos consumed by their hatred​

The Conservatives couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop to their 2015 party conference. Inside the Manchester convention centre, serious men and women made serious decisions. Outside, a pack of yahoos snarled and spat and shrieked.

Who looked reasonable?

  • Frances

    Daniel Hanan could also mention that most Conservative supporters are too busy working, bringing up the young’uns, and volunteering to help the their communities to have time for this nonsense. Where do these folk get the money to allow to them to indulge in such antics?

    • Alain

      Where do the get the time and money? How many are on the dole and how many are being paid to protest? What I find in common with all on the Left is that there is never any thinking involved, everything is based on emotion. The emotion is easily triggered by any false narrative or claim.

      • Frances

        Plus they are never constrained by jobs or family responsibilities. They always have enough money to travel and lots of time to go out to riot and hate.

  • UCSPanther

    These broads also “chimp out” if *gasp* a woman dares to disagree with them.

    Hence the the fact that Margaret Thatcher had the same effect on the radfems as Holy water on a demon…

  • Alex

    Shouting, insults, bluster and violence tend to be the preferred method for “debating” and “negotiating” in muslim societies. It’s interesting that the Left (and perhaps progressives in general) seems to be increasingly inclined to favor this approach as well.

    • Barry Thornton

      Because they have allowed the pedophile worshippers to use these tactics successfully they think they actually work. They forget that the only reason these tactics work is progressives allow them to.

  • Barrington Minge

    Typical response of the socialists when they have nothing positive to contribute. Nothing new here..move along now.