James Fulford on P.J. O’Rourke on Ann Coulter: ‘A Combination Of Jealousy And Ellis Island Fever’

Oh well. I’ll always have nice memories of loving this guy’s books when I was young and innocent and he didn’t suck (or I was too young to noticed if he sucked).

From the guy responsible for this. How the funny have fallen.

Stolen from What’s Her Name.

  • Good work;)

  • G

    I read the “foreigners” thing and it really wasn’t that funny. I don’t mean that I was offended by it or that it was racist or any B.S. like that.
    It just wasn’t funny. If this is some sort of example of this guy’s best work then he’s really over rated. I read about three quarters of it without any impulse to laugh and then said “To hell with it” and quit.

    From what I understand PJ O’rourke has been a “humor” writer since he was a hippy in an IVY league school back sometime in the Cretaceous period is this right?

    So, in other words he’s basically a “conservative” version of the guy who writes Doonesbury, Gary Turdo.

    Hooray! Another rich, privileged, silver spoon smart ass who never grew up & got a real job. Yeah, the world needs more of those.

    • Waffle

      Hardly — you didn’t bother to read the piece before adding your 2 cents.

      It’s awful to be type-cast. This essay is dripping with sarcasm and is a wonderful comeback to that “rich, privileged silver spoon smart ass” Coulter.

      • I really, really don’t think Coulter is an antisemite.

      • G

        Actually I read (as I said) about three quarters of it – a bit more actually and found it to be a waste of time.

        Humor writers (especially really crappy ones with big egos) always try to weasel out when their jokes fail. “Oh I wasn’t trying to be funny, it’s satire”, or “it’s irony”,or “it’s deep sarcasm and you’re just too much of a philistine to get it”…….Nope…. it’s bullshit. I “got it” your jokes just suck, that’s all.

        Mamba, I don’t think Coulter is an anti semite either. Anyone who has actually read her stuff can tell this. The “anti semite” label is just a desperate mud sling from her enemies.

        Mamba I got the idea of Ivy League because he wrote for National Lampoon which sprang from Harvard lampoon.

        O’rourke seems to be just a washed up, has-been hack who is all pissy because Coulter books actually sell. His latest “achievement” -being interviewed by Salon magazine. Ooooooooo impressive (yeah right). Salon magazine:it’s slogan should be “Written by elitist snobs for eltist snob wanna-bes).

    • He did his undergrad at Miami University in Ohio, so, no, not Ivy League, not rich parents. And he is much funnier than Gary Trudeau, good Lord.

  • David

    existential threat meet tripe

  • Brett_McS

    Holidays in Hell is my favourite P.J.O’Rourke. It’s hilarious. But then he was lured into Cato and given a humourectomy, or something.

  • David Murrell

    Read the link posted under “this”: “Foreigners around the world”. Hilarious!!!

  • Justin St.Denis

    PJ has gone from funny to fartcatcher in a mere 25 years. Pity. Had he been made of stronger stuff, he would still be relevant.