Hey Mulcair! Your other country, France, to strip five ‘terrorists’ of nationality #elxn42

France is to withdraw the French nationality from five “terrorists” the government announced on Tuesday as it continues to crackdown on homegrown jihadists.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Tuesday he had requested that five “terrorists” be stripped of their

“I asked the prime minister to strip five terrorists of their nationality,” Cazeneuve told the National Assembly.

French law only allows nationality to be stripped from a citizen who holds a second passport.

Last month a Moroccan-born jihadist was stripped of his French nationality and sent back to his country of birth because he posed a serious threat to national security according to the government.

  • Shebel

    I have great Respect for all Religions whose Prophet want to KILL me .
    I am Canadian.

    • Amen;)

    • Barry Thornton

      You are so compassionate and understanding ;o)

  • Ron MacDonald

    Denmark is charging all Danish Jihadis with treason.

  • Speaking of Mulcair’s French Nationality, remember when Mulcair promised that he would renounce his French citizenship when he runs for Prime Minister? So when and where exactly is this renunciation supposed to take place?

  • canminuteman

    The two guys in the picture look like they got lost looking for the MENSA meeting.

  • tom_billesley

    The deportee doesn’t have to have a passport – citizenship is enough. Citizens of some countries (e.g. Pakistan) retain their citizenship when they acquire another citizenship, and dual nationality is allowed.

  • Ed

    oooooh I bet they’re shakin!!!

    But no! There’s a boat heading for Greece as we speak. Mama Merkel has no problems with anyone.

  • Shebel

    Send ALL these Monkees to Germany.
    Let them all experience a wee bit if German LOVE.

  • Gary

    According to Tommy we should have left Maher Arar in his Homeland of Syria when he got in trouble and was grabbed in Jordan and then taken to Syria as a Draft-dodger to face a Military trial .
    Sure he used us for our Passport and used his wife to marry her and pump out kids to assure his stay in Canada prior to approval of his Citizenship , but if Tommy thinks that Canada has no right to strip Maher of his Citizenship to remove to Syria….then the NDP is saying the Canadian’s of dual passport in foreign lands can’t be stripped of that Nations Citizenship no matter how many people they slaughter or plot to slaughter as a terrorist.

    When the nightly raccoons spill my compose TRASH onto the neighbour property I’m expect that it’s my responsibility to clean it up and take back the trash even if it’s been on their property 3 hours longer than it was on my property when I put it out on Thursday night .
    France is giving Morocco back the TRASH that spilled onto their property
    over that last several years.

  • Shebel

    The Germans should get over their guilt trip.