Extremist ideology underpinning ISIS has ‘wide support among Muslims’, says Tony Blair

THE ideology driving Islamic extremists has significant support from Muslim across the world, Tony Blair said today.

“There are millions of school children every day in countries round the world – not just in the Middle East – who are taught a view of the world and of their religion which is narrow-minded, prejudicial and therefore in the context of a globalised world, dangerous.”

  • Ho Hum

    Amazing for Blair to acknowledge the truth about Islam considering how he flooded the UK with Muslim’s when he was PM.

    • Waffle

      Don’t forget, his sister’s a revert.

      • John

        It was his sister in law, Lauren Boothe actually. But then, she was a confused, overweight, alcoholic, a fan of the Palestinian ’cause’, deeply, deeply in debt and a total failure, and so she gravitated to Islam the way losers often do.
        I just yawned when I heard the news.

    • Yup and has close ties to Saudi.

    • Alex

      Didn’t he convert to Catholicism? Maybe, he’s changed and regrets earlier actions and attitudes … or not.

  • Alain

    Close but not close enough. That ideology driving “Islamic extremists” is simply Islam, and those school children are being taught Islam, not just a view of their religion which is narrow-minded, prejudicial and dangerous.

    • Censored_EG

      Exactly! Islam is dangerous. Period. No matter how you slice it, the koran is a wretched manual for terrorism and hatred of others, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.

  • Gary

    Wow, that’s a real News Flash Tony.
    Here in Canada when we had close to 700,000 during the time of the Toronto-18 muslims that tried to slaughter thousands via their Trucks bombs , he had the CBC aid and abet in inciting hatred for canada and create more Jihadists.
    It was right after the 9/11 slaughter to 24 Canadian in the USA (on those planes in the WTC towers ) by muslims that the CBC gave plenty of Air-Time to now Hamas-funding CAIR that had Dr.Sheema Khan spew her Dawah. She also spewed CAIR’s taqiyyah of fabricated hate-crimes and only allegations of islamophobia as part of playing the victim to help spread sharia law in the public schools and Workplaces.

    The Hamas Linked CAIR ( 2008 FBI terrorism trial in Texas ) via Sheema Khan kept telling us the 99% of the muslims in Canada are peaceful and reject violence or any terrorism , YET there was not 1 mass protests in the street after the Toronto-18 were arrested. In fact it was Sheema Khan that defended the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists as innocent and victims of anti-muslims biogtry in this post 9/11 ear. CAIR’s own website and Khan’s OP-ED’s in the Globe are the evidence for each Jihadist arrested as getting painted as victims of islamophobia right up their Convictions and admissions of the terrorism in a Courtroom .
    What was even more offensive was how CAIR then supported these Terrorist when they were in Prison and demanded a Quran, Prayer rug, Halal meals and an arrow on the floor to pray to Mekkah when it was Khan that claimed they WEREN’T true muslims and hijacked their peaceful faith.

    CAIR changed it’s name while Sheema Khan jumped ship after the Hamas terrorism funding was exposed , Khan now pretends to have NOTHING to do with CAIR’s links to hamas.
    But wait, Khan is on record sitting at a meeting with Nihad Awad from CAIR that is tied to Palestinan jihad terrorism support and supporting Hezballah in Lebanon.
    The photo below is a pro-hamas/hezballah rally where the man with the pro-hamas scarf is Nihad Awad that also aided in the Maher Arar lawfare for $400 million for allegation of terrorism links and his time in his Homeland Prison and yet Omar Khadr fingered Arar as at the Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan.

    Tommy and Justin know that Muslims in Canada now outnumber Jews and Natives , this means they will sell-out Canada for the votes just for a few years in power even if they cause their grand daughters to be forced into Burkas or the gay grand children get toss off he CBC buildings while being filmed by Al-Jazeera via Avi Lewis’s grand child.

  • Gary

    Sorry, the photo did make it . here it is with Nihad Awad, Khan’s pro-hamas buddy she denies links to.

  • pdxnag

    And it is ordinary Islam.

  • BillyHW

    Then why did you let them into the country you cocksucking asshole?!

  • Barrington Minge

    Giving credence to anything that this man says is an insult to our intelligence.
    Blair is a war criminal and should be behind bars for consorting with George W Bush to pitch the world into a series of unnecessary wars and creating the conditions for muslim terrorism to flourish.
    Trace the current situation back and it all starts with Blair and Bush and their desire for a “new world order”

    • Censored_EG

      Oh, c’mon, that “democracy” thing really caught on well with the muzzies! *sarc*

  • John

    Tony Blair is perhaps the finest example of the ‘slow learner’ syndrome afflicting every Western politician.
    After flooding the country with Moes he now realises his mistake.
    Mr Too-Little-Too-Late Tony.