EU chief: Migrant influx is ‘campaign of hybrid warfare’ by neighbours to force concessions

Migrants are being sent to Europe as a campaign of “hybrid warfare” in order to force concessions to its neighbours, EU president Donald Tusk has claimed.

An influx of hundreds of thousands of people is a “weapon” and a “political bargaining chip” used by the EU’s neighbours who want to harm the continent, Mr Tusk said.

He made the incendiary comments as the European Union announced it would give an extra one billion euros in aid, and dangled the offer of visa-free travel, to Turkey as part of a charm offensive to encourage the country to close its borders as a major transit route for migrants.

  • Alain

    No, it is a very successful Muslim invasion made possible by the EU.

  • Gary

    It’s financial terrorism because currently there are about 70% of the muslims in Europe that are on Welfare, just as the Toronto Regent Park Government housing is 65% muslims and they enforce sharia law now for using the Public rec centre as if they own it for allah.
    Maher Arar was aided by the hams-linked CAIR in his $400 million lawfare suit, now Omar Khadr wants his Cash-4-Life ticket.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The EU leadership needs to get their head out of their ass and get real about the situation.

    • No, that won’t happen, unless there is a change of leadership.

  • This is not just a “political bargaining chip” – this is the beginning of an all-out military invasion by Muslims. The soldiers are for now weaponless, but that’s just a minor detail, soon fixed. Their mission is clear – to conquer and subdue the land and people of Europe asap. Many more soldiers are on the way, and Europe will soon find itself in the middle of a military conflict within its own borders. It will look like Iraq and Syria in no time. The first victims will be the EU leaders and media who sold Europe out. The people of Europe will rise up and hang them first. Then they will fight the Muslims and try to kick them out. They may succeed or they may not, depending on timing.

    • Censored_EG

      A grim scenario, for sure. In the midst of all this conflict, how will historic architecture such as cathedrals and churches, not to mention famous art galleries, fare? I predict that ISIS-style destruction of the Louvre and Prado, etc. etc., would occur a.s.a.p., not to mention a wholesale destruction of any and all remaining synagogues.

      • Oh, I entirely agree. All Western culture is in danger of willful destruction by Muslims – art and history and science museums, libraries, universities, churches, synagogues, art works, books, everything is in danger. The Muslims will take Europe and eventually the whole West (if it all succumbs) into the darkest dark ages it has yet seen. They will remake the world in their image and likeness, which means in the depth of ignorance, evil and madness. This is what our present governments are leading us into. Until Merkel’s conversion I had hope, but now I have become a pessimist.