Build A Studio For Rebel Media

You get a Brick!

  • Brenda360

    Like him or hate him, it hard not to admire his passion and enthusiasm: Go Ezra!

    • That’s for sure.

    • The Butterfly

      Who could hate Ezra?

      • Xavier

        That leftist woman writer who lied and said Ezra bullied her daughter. She hates Ezra, and I hate her.

  • The Butterfly

    Where is the studio located?

    I will probably buy a brick and change my current donation to a subscription. Not sure about the subscription model though, has this ever worked successfully anywhere? How effective will Ezra’s message be if he’s hidden behind a paywall? Most people don’t have time to watch all the free stuff that’s available.

    I hope they broadcast live on election night while the studio is still under construction. That would be cool.

    Ezra sure is at the right place at the right time though. The cost of HD cameras and the other equipment has plunged. All you need is a couple of talented people who know how to use the stuff well and you can very nearly reach the broadcast quality of a professional/commercial studio, for a tiny fraction of the cost. Times sure have changed. The internet has changed everything. The Big Media are going to go extinct.

    • Yes times have changed, Glenn Beck does a sub. Seems to work for him.

      • The Butterfly

        But Ezra’s market is a small fraction of Glenn’s. Also, has Glenn’s influence gone up or down since he went subscriber?

    • lolwut?

      TYT (The Young Turks) does it with great success and PJTV..

    • It’s in Toronto.

      • The Butterfly

        Yeah, I mean like where in Toronto, though.

  • Xavier

    I bid $50 for an autographed picture of Marissa.

    • Tom

      Heh – cheapskate! I bid 100.