“Big Fur Hat” Over at IOTWReport Mixes it Up With A Bunch of Lawless Homosexual Illegal Aliens, Who Have No Respect for the “15-Items or Less” Sign at The Walmart Checkout, And Lives To Tell The Tale

Artist's rendering of actual encounter

Artist’s rendering of actual encounter

“I said, “that’s the problem, they don’t even understand English.”

Now the blonde girl starts yelling, “andale! andale!”

One of the Spanish dudes looks back at her and just slowly nods, as if to say, “say whatever you want, I’m doing what I want.”

Now she starts yelling about green cards and EBT cards and being sick and tired of people being too scared to stand up for what is right. She starts telling the cashier that she’s a pussy, and that she should grow some balls.”

Yeah, just go take a look, but hurry right back when you are done.

It’s a fist-full of WTF.