Sexual Slavery: “Nothing to do with Islam”?

The sexual abuse of non-Muslim children and women at the hands of Jihadist groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram is not only a widespread practice in the Muslim world, but, sadly, has a lot to do with Islamic teachings.

Sexual slavery is deeply embedded in Islamic law and tradition. The founder of Islam also practiced and approved of slavery, as was more common at the time. Caliphs had harems of hundreds or thousands of young girls and women brought from Christian, Hindu, Persian and African lands.

Islamic slavery also was, and is, race-based. Umar, Muhammad’s father-in-law and a caliph, declared that Arabs could not be taken as slaves; he even emancipated all Arab slaves. In Islam, only non-Muslims may be taken as slaves — a rule that is unfortunately only further evidence of a supremacist doctrine within Islam: that Islam is superior to other religions, and its adherents therefore entitled to privileges not afforded to members of other religions.

  • Ed

    “Islam is superior.” Ya… as long as a supine West has both thumbs up it’s ass. Putin is putting on a clinic at present about how “superior” ISIS is…

  • simus1

    Much arab/muslim religious hairsplitting is a distinction without a difference. In sudan the native arabs move in and massacre or expel their negroid co-religionists from their ancestral lands. In similar forays into non muslim areas they presumably have the enslavement option which offers a slower death or a trip to the slave market for their infidel captives instead of just rotting and dying by the thousands as a muslim black in “refugee” camps around Darfur.

  • The women’s movement has a large roll to play in the unraveling of the Islamic cult.

    Islam cannot exist with liberated women.

    Go girls go. Save humanity. Prove your worth.

    Don’t let the PC BS keep you from seeing the reality of this misogynistic cult.

    • ntt1

      Won’t happen .the feminists have invented cultural
      Imperialism as a dire thought crime ,the avoidance of which allows them to not only ignore sexual slavefu and real oppression but to feel good about their hypocrisy as they invent a rape culture

  • WalterBannon

    All muslims should be expelled from the west, with extreme lethal force where necessary to get the job done, and Islam should be banned.

    • I go along with that.

      The Koran should be classified as hate literature.

      Arrest the mullahs.

      Close the mosques.

      Put anyone in jail who preaches Islamic hate.

      No Islamic head gear.