Police Chief: Delinquent Muslim Migrants Don’t Integrate, Generally Disrespect Western Cultures

A German police commissioner has told an audience of how “delinquent”, mainly Muslim migrants refuse to accommodate to their host nations, adding: “We have an increasing number of migrants in Germany, and many have not learned to have respect for women and the state. They live in parallel societies, where different rules apply.”

  • Gary

    In Toronto ( which is now the most Racist city on earth) we already have that special dispensation from some Laws when it comes to gays, blacks and muslims.
    The 3 groups are deemed so pathetic for their moral values that they are victims of the new Liberalism of Lowered Expectation where the Police focus on White heterosexual Christians that are expected top obey the Laws for their higher moral codes that created Canada.

    Regent Park is now a Majority muslim welfare housing while we also see self-segregated pockets of muslims based on the sunni/shia sects or colour and previous Nationality.
    We have the Guns&gangs welfare areas we can’t talk about , then we have the gay village area where Police are orders to ignore some crimes during the PRIDE parade or pride week that are related to sexual assaults according to the Cops that leaked this out .

    One of these 3 groups may dominate one day but under islamic domination they gays will be killed and blacks will be slaves if Trudeau aids the Sunni Whahhabism being spread faster than the Liberal moderate Mosques that are few right now .

    • Go Justin!

    • marty_p

      Absolutely correct – the police know exactly where the guns and gangs are but are forbidden by political correctness to clean up the mess. It doesn’t take a take a “rocket scientist” to figure out that Driftwood = guns and gangs and Malvern = guns and gangs and Kipling and Albion = guns and gangs.
      The same thing for Regent Parkistan – everybody knows that the left has turned Regent Park into a Mo ghetto paid for by our tax dollars – where do you think the “if Justin or Mulcair become PM” Syrian refugees are headed?

  • David Murrell

    One wonders how long Ms. Tania Kambouri will last as a police commissioner, in appeasement Germany. .