UK: Police admit they have lost track of Muslim terrorist suspects

Internet giants are undermining the battle to keep Britain safe from militant Islamists, the country’s top counter terrorist officer said today.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley branded web firms worth billions of pounds ‘irresponsible’ for providing secure communications to jihadists.

The Scotland Yard chief said some companies have deliberately created software which prevents them accessing information if requested by the authorities.

Others simply refuse to provide the content of messages or pledge to tip off the suspects about the State’s interest in their activities if they are approached.

Mr Rowley revealed police have lost track of some suspects because of ‘growing blind spots’ created by their technology.

  • Brenda

    So what was it that Zuckerberg was saying to Angela Merkel?

  • Brett_McS

    Turning the UK into a police state: because it’s easier than getting politicians to cut off Islamic immigration and deport jihadis.

  • Dana Garcia

    Didn’t the British police say a few months ago that there were too many bad guys for them to track? Tech won’t help if the hordes reach a critical mass.

    • ellake

      It’s not only that. The bad guys also know technology, look at ISIS internet propaganda.