Parramatta shooting: Facebook page labels Muslim teen killer Farhad Jabar a ‘hero of the Islamic people’

The teenage gunman who executed a NSW Police Force employee was lauded as a “hero of the Islamic people” on a social media page, which was taken down late on Monday at the request of the police.

Fifteen-year-old Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar was killed during a shoot-out with special constables outside police headquarters in Parramatta on Friday.

  • WalterBannon

    muslim teen killer Farhad Jabar IS a “hero of the Islamic people”… but it offends the left to have this truth about these animals exposed.

  • Martin B

    Yes what could be more heroic than shooting an unarmed unsuspecting civilian in the back of the head. Only Palestinians beating Jewish babies to death in their cribs could be bigger heroes of Islam.

  • Everyone Else

    This is jihad.

    BCF, I’d suggest this category of post be called “Jihad in Australia”.

  • Bill

    The paper linked to suggests that the Facebook page might have been the work of ‘Far Right Wing Activists’ (i.e. Racist Nationalist Islamaphobes), given those who had added comments to the web page – as if only supporters of the originators would be able to add comments. Of course, which is more likely: a) people who supported the actions Farhad put up a page supporting him and making out that the fault lies only with the police, or b) people who were against the actions of Farhad put up a page supporting him and making out that the fault lies only with the police in order to promote Islamaphobia?

    The paper in which this article was published are left-leaning and consistently seem to take the view that Islam is a religion of peace, and so anyone using violence to further the cause of Islam is (i) not a muslim, (ii) a lone wolf, (iii) insane and irrational and therefore we don’t need to examine their motivation.