Muslim women sound off on ‘stupid’ niqab debate

More like the Jig is up and they know it…

Fewer and fewer Canadians are buying that “Religion of Peace” canard.

  • Bernie

    We live in a secular country built on Judea Christian values that provide guidelines by which people can respect each other and live in Peace. In Canada we have the best Country in the World that people are dying to move to and live in because of the quality of life these guidelines have given us. Our Citizenship requires an oath to live by those guidelines and display who you are for all to see to accepted into our Country. If you want to change our Laws, do it in Parliament after your Party has won a Majority. DO NOT try to impose your Laws or belief systems on us if they are counter to our belief systems. If you hate us so much, do not move here, do not ask for refugee status, do not ask for us to accommodate your beliefs and do not ask for us to support you.

    • Why ever did they come here?

      • Some of them are from here. I’d be willing to bet that half of these women aren’t even religious, much less practicing Muslims. I think at least some of them are Left-wing activists and atheists, whose sole motivation is political — another fake “human rights” claim against Harper.

        And of course the niquab and burka provide perfect fronts — maybe we should start tearing off niquabs and burkas to see who is really under them. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found the occasional NDP MP hiding under there.

        • JoKeR


          • Wow! No wonder they want to cover them up — Muslim women are so ugly.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    “Right now, the federal government is talking about women and [the] niqab, which is not an issue, even for Muslims,” said Zarqa Nawaz, the creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie.

    “We’re in a recession, what is the plan to go forward? Those are the things I want to talk about. Not about women in [the] niqab and why she can’t sing the national anthem with her face covered. That’s just stupid.” — END QUOTE

    ‘national anthem’??
    That’s not the controversy, Zarqa.
    Quit playing dumb.

    Zarqa Nawaz, creator of LMOTP, continues her dishonest ways, and the CBC continues to give her a platform to spread her lies.

    • She is a no talent equity hire.

    • occupant 9

      That’s the role the CBJIhad plays in the effort to destroy, er “change” Canada or “take back” Canada from those who built it.

      Muslims have as much to offer free society as being pushed off a very tall building enhances longevity.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      As if any of those covered hags would actually sing the national anthem. All they want Canadian citizenship for are the social programs and benefits of having a Canadian passport.

  • Brenda

    Like I said on the other comment thread, we can expect to hear a lot more of this in the next two weeks. Also the first person stories of niqab-wearers being oppressed by people looking at them funny. This is the liberal media’s idea of countering all those anti-niqabi bigots.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      Yes, in Canada if you go out in a black body bag covering everything but your eyes, the worst that can happen is people “look at you funny”. In the sh*thole you came from, if you go out without that body bag on, the best thing that can happen is you get arrested, and the worst thing is that you get beaten to death.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Biased CBC interview, I turned it off after 30 seconds.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Biased CBC interview, I turned it off after 30 seconds.

    • David Murrell

      That’s were our federal tax dollars go.

    • It really causes one to wonder, are Saudi men so bereft of sexual self-control that they get boners simply by seeing a woman’s face?

  • Bataviawillem

    Employers don’t hire people with a scarf because they think they don’t have a brain, they don’t hire, because a scarf means problems and lawsuits ahead.

    • yup

    • Frances

      Particularly if they transition from hijab to niquab. Also, employers need to hire people who will get along with their co-workers and – if in the service sector – with the public. If they perceive the potential employee has a chip on the shoulder, they’re not going to hire. Sorry for the hijabis who are very pleasant and would do a good job, but blame your confrontationalist co-religionists, not your would-be employer.

  • Oh, NOW they don’t care.

    • moraywatson

      The ebb and flow of taqiyya, tawriya and muruna. It’s like breathing, to a muslim.

    • Funny that.

  • Petrilla

    Umm, exactly who is under that death shroud? Cute identity cards tho. I agree with Bernie. And PM Harper. In no way can this be considered Canadian, in fact, it is premature triumphalism. After a hundred years of fighting for women’s rights in Canada, the Liberals and NDP turn against women. Thinking that dressing in black bags is Canadian. Hard to believe, isn’t it? I know what I believe as a Canadian, whose ancesters, male and female, fought hard for women’s rights and Freedom, and it sure as hell isn’t this charade of a what a Canadian women wears, or will EVER wear.

  • Gary

    I think the Niqab issue will die a sudden death that first time the Sunni/Shi’ite hatred wars start in Canada and we see a male Niqab clad suicide bombers going into each others Mosques .
    Every mosque will refuse entry to anyone with a costume that hides their face and body shape , muslims will solve this problem for us but only AFTER this Charter Right allows someone to bomb as mosque and turn dozens or muslims into rice pudding dripping from the walls near the Foot baths .

    • occupant 9

      Sadly I think you`re right. The Muslim mask will only be deemed a security risk IF other Muslims cannot be guaranteed protection from Muslims … because if even Muslims are not safe from Islam, who is … and why doesn’t the gov’t really care about the future of the nation … unless it was decided, against the will of the electorate, that Canada’s future would be cripplingly Muslim?

      • Gary

        The muslim women isn’t even a Canadian yet and she causing this much trouble that eats up tax dollars. Just wait until we CAN’T deport her and see the endless Lawsuits for her Cash-4-Life scam to not have to work via Lawfare to help spread Sharia Law until we’re Dhimmi’s by-proxy in a quasi islamic state whjere the Human Rights Commissions enforce the Sharia Blasphemy laws.

        Several years back i try to think like a sick and twisted terrorist bent on murdering infidels as a favour to their god opr their cause. I was mock when I predicted that the next phase of terrorism would be human Bombs where it was inserted in them via an Operation and then triggered externally.
        Well is was just a couple of years later I read a story about a plane being bombed when a women brought on a baby with a bomb in side them set of go off by pressure around 20,000 feet and up.
        They search the women but never thought that someone be that sick to cut open a baby and insert a bomb to get past Security.

        Justin and Tommy will get us killed if they think that Terrorism is all about root causes and unemployment.
        Killer kill, and it was the Drug trade money that turned the baby into a disposable asset to inflict terror in the minds of the Government that was fighting the Drug cartels.

        What a sick and twisted Doctor that did the surgery to let them put the bomb in the baby.

  • Barry Thornton

    Censorship Bureau of Canada seems to think they have some ammo in their battle with the government. Hopefully Harper will have some balls next budget and defund this Liberal propaganda organ.

    • Barry Thornton

      And yes I think the Conservatives will produce the next budget after a majority win Oct 19